Published:  01:00 AM, 08 November 2018


Mahfuz Al-Hossain

I am saving few more dew drops in a crystal glass jar for
washing your feeble fragile feet
I am posting some surreal snapshots to make your adorable
adolescent album complete
I am tired of milking some nectarines from your passive
paragraphs of rosy refusal
I am getting crazy cool and partying nonstop for celebrating
your blissful betrayal

Two poems of Monalisa Rahman


The real world opens to us
Every moment is a new revelation
This world is too much oppressed
Mind is conscious, but conscious of nothing.
Away with time, I forgot everything
Flesh, blood, innocence

A deep tranquility pervades everything every moment of its blindness
O my soul!
I live in thought...
I live in mute... I live in depression...

I live in light....
The only wisdom exists in experience.

I learned a beautiful speech

I learned a beautiful speech
We have seen hollowness
In the deep thought of life

Poetry is natural flow
Lies in exquisite
carrying beauties
What about imagery l knew
I learned in the
Visionary world....

Season Changing…Mood Changing
Syeda Aida Mowla

I feel warmer
When it's summer
I feel heavenly
When it rains heavily
I feel shivery
When it's windy
I feel freezing
When it starts snowing
I become happy
When the branches of trees
Are covered with snow on Xmas Eves
I become dry
When the mist is high
And is all over the sky
Again I become lively
When spring comes to me
With all the flowers on the trees
Again I become cheerful
When the cherry blossom
Waits for me to see
Those on the tree.

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