Published:  01:04 AM, 08 November 2018

Vampire girl

Vampire girl

Nazibah Rahman

Even though I love to read and watch scary stories, I feel scared at nights. The horror of Halloween is not yet finished for me. I and my family and one of my uncles were sitting in the living room. Uncle was telling us about his encounter with ghost. Suddenly we heard some noises were coming from the kitchen. My uncle went to check who was in the kitchen.

After ten minutes later when he was not return, we were worried about him and all of us went to check what happened. When we went there, we saw a girl wearing a black dress disappeared to see us.

She had shiny black hair and her teeth were long and sharp and her face was white. We saw that uncle was lying on the floor and blood came from his neck. "She must be a vampire," I shouted. My mom hugged me and my sister tightly with fear. Then the girl became visible again.

My father was trying to kill the vampire with a knife but the girl was jumping from one place to another in the home.  She was also trying to bite our necks by her long sharp teeth. She disappeared when the clock struck 12 o' clock. We couldn't sleep the whole night.

The next morning, I went to school and heard a scream from the girls' toilet. Some of us forwarded and saw that the same vampire who came in our home last night, hanging in the toilet. She tried to eat my best friend Jenny. So we called our teachers. Teachers closed down the school for fear of the vampire. "Vampires are very dangerous, when people go somewhere out alone they come and eat them," teachers told us.

All of the students were very scared and went to their home.  I told my mom what happened at school and what did my teacher told me. "Oh my goodness! Be careful and don't go outside without your dad or me," she warned.

At eight o' clock, mom took me for shopping and we saw that vampire again. She was very hungry at that time and was very angry, because everybody became aware of her. Suddenly she vanished. "Fortunately, she didn't eat us," I told mom. "We are saved. Let's go home, now," she said. I was thinking we never could catch that vampire whenever we see her she became disappear.

Then midnight came and we heard someone was singing in a weird tone from downstairs. When we went downstairs, we saw there were hundreds of vampires and they were singing and dancing. Then my father took his gun and shot the vampires.

But they were still alive.

"Go and bring some lighters because I have read in a book that if we lit fire in vampires' body they will melt," said mom. So me and my sister lit few lighters and threw to their bodies. Some of them melt, some of them partially melt. Then they became angrier and tried to bite our shoulders. We were fighting until dawn. When the sun came out, all the vampires melt and finished. We breathed a sigh of relief.

"Wake up, girls! It's time for school" said mom. I woke up but sat down on the bed with wonder. "What happened?" She asked me. "I saw that vampires arrived in our home and fought with us." "You must be dreaming! That's why I told you not to watch horror movies at night," said mom with smile.

The writer is a student of class six

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