Published:  12:10 AM, 09 November 2018

Which stream to choose science or commerce?

Which stream to choose science or commerce?

Nusaibah Mariam Rahman

The students of Bangladesh face difficulties when choosing stream from standard nine between science and commerce. From childhood, they develop an idea from their parents and acquaintances that science is the best. For this reason, most students in our country opt for science. They are often told by senior students and teachers to take science as it is the best. 

Students should choose subjects which they are passionate about and which match with their skills. If you want to study in engineering in future, you should go for science, at the same time if you want to study MBA, take commerce. At first, make sure about your aim and interest in life. If you don't take science, it doesn't mean that your career is doomed. There are lots of career choices besides science.

What should you do when your best friend take science while you think you will go for commerce? Or when you see that most of your family members took science and your mind want to take commerce? Students  often take science under pressure, but they fail to live up to the expectations as they have no interest into it and suddenly physics, pure math mock papers are like big disaster. To make a decision is not easy. So think carefully and decide what you really want. Don't be biased. 

Despite this many students who like science seriously receive A*s in physics and love to learn more on physics, solve equations and do experiments. Science requires motivation, interest passion to make it possible. Some people think science is a ritual like it's the best and commerce is the worst. But in real life it's not true. Commerce students also carry the same passion into business just as science student has for physics. They can become a successful chartered accountant or banker and live a good life. Science students, too lead an established life by becoming a good doctor or engineer.

It's a matter of concern that the number of commerce student is decreasing due to the discrimination against it and who takes it is known as student with less intelligence. But one should know accounting or economics are not simple subjects.  It's not easy to score good marks in accounting if you don't have strong analytical and logical ability.  Both science and commerce student should respect each other, share knowledge and interest with others to take the country to a new level of development. God has given us the brains. It's our responsibility to improve our skills and show our abilities. Both streams have vast scopes, so study earnestly no matter what stream you chose.

The writer is a high school student

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