Jamalpur-4 Constituency

Published:  01:04 AM, 09 November 2018

AL, BNP equally strong

AL, BNP equally strong

Nomination seekers of both Awami League (AL) and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) are passing busy time in campaigning for Jamalpur-1 constituency.  Despite the 11th general election kicking into full gear across the country, the ruling party's candidate for Jamalpur-4 (Sarishabari) is yet to get green signal. Jamalpur-4 constituency (Sarishabari ) is a vital seat in the district for many reasons. This is why candidates of the constituency of all parties are campaigning in a full swing from the years earlier.

Candidates are doing the welfare task and taking part in the public functions like religious and social activities with a view to seeking enormous votes and supporters of the general people. BNP has already selected its candidate for the constituency but Awami League  is yet to select any candidate for its infighting and inner grouping. Few weeks ago Awami League of Sarishabari was divided into four groups but now it has decreased and they have started reunioning on a stage in ahead of election. 

In the previous election this constituency was given to Jatiya Party for alliance but now AL wants to hold this seat by any neans for its own sake. The strong possible candidates of AL are Principal Abdur Rashed, Dr. Murad Hassan, Mahbubur Rahman Helal and Sanowar Hossain Badsha too. Among them, Abdur Rashed, Morad Hassan and Mahbubur Rahman Helal are  stronger candidates.  

On the other hand, only one candidate of BNP is Foridul Kabir Talukder Shamim who is the president of Zilla BNP and upazila chairman of Sarishabari, has good connection and popularity to the people." I am very hopeful of my success if a fair election is held " he said. Dr. Murad Hassan, formal MP of the seat who has been giving  treatment free for the general people in this upzila for years after and has great reputation for his unique leadership, enormous couragement and good speeker.

His father was the President of Zilla AL. People say he is the best candidate for fighting with BNP's candidate in Sarishabari. " It is known to all in Sarishabari who is the perfect to fight With BNP candidate. Nothing to say. I am very sure of my success if I get nomination " said he.

Abdur Rashed of principal of Tajgaon College, president of Tajgaon thana AL, has also a fair images and has been trying with his level best to help the destitute with money in their danger and trying to increase votes and supporters in favour of him by doing meeting and seminer regularly and has already got much popularity " I must win if I get nomination as I never did any corruption in my life. So, people love me, respect me" said Abdur Rashed. 

Enginer Mahbubur Rahman Helal, son of FF organizer late Abdul Malak MP, has been serving as vice-president of Sarishabari AL and water resource secretary of Bangladesh Sechhawshebok league at centeral committee. He has a clean image in the area. His father was the president of Sarishabari AL for 45 years and two times parliamentary member with Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. "I am having a clean image and I am not involved in grouping and  corruption.I am strongly hopeful of getting nomination" said he. 

Sanowar Hossen Badsha was the president of Jamalpur district BCL for seven years and Secretary of upazila AL for twenty years and now he is the president of Sarishabari upazilla Awami League came out from the root level, wanting nomination repeatedly years after years. Mukhlashur Rahman Bastu is strong candidate from Jatiya party and for the reason, has a more possibility of getting nomination from JAPA. An other candidate of Jatiya Party, Mamunur Rased Juarder, present MP of the constituency, who has no connection with the people, is also seeking nomination by dint of alliance.

--- Sahidul Islam Nirab, Sarishabari, Jamalpur

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