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Many people think it's rare a floozy like Mifti can't be found out tramping neighbor villages. She is a dear child to her parents. They are three brothers and sisters. Mifti is the eldest of all. She is good at studies. Her two younger brothers are in primary school. Her father is a non-government school teacher. The way to school is far away from her home. She has to go to school through the villages.

Children from nearby villages also come to study in the same school where Mifti reads. Adults stare at Mifti and enjoy the physical beauty. Some of them are to wait for her on the roadside. Someone comes forward to talk to her unnecessarily. She endures all without gainsaying. But sometimes parents hear something about her way to school. So theirs worries know no bounds.

From the time of class Six-Seven, the marriage proposal for Mifti has been coming to their parents. Father does not agree to marry her daughter at a young age. He wishes his child being higher educated and to get a good job. But the more days go, the more his concern increases. His dream has been losing like the dew of dawn. The villagers became a great obstacle to fulfill desire. People also used to talk with them in different types of conversations about Mifti. Aged people suggested Mifti's father to marry his daughter as soon as possible.

Their idea is clear. Good work should not be delayed. It brings blessing to her. On the other hand, Mifti doesn't have desire to wear wedding dress at a young age. She also dreams to build herself like her father, Abul Khair. One of his friend's Askar Ali who is a member of the village named Pitnagar adjacent Mifti's village where he had been living for a long time. One morning on the school holiday Askar Ali came to meet Mr. Abul Khair. Mifti was then at the house. Long time conversation between them came into Mifti's ears. She understood that the member, Askar Ali originally came up with her marriage proposal. Bridegroom is their relative.

His financial condition is quite good. He has a job in Italy. He has also a flat in Dhaka. He came to visit the country for two months on vacation. He is looking for a pretty bride to marry. If he gets one, he will get married. Believing on the friend's words, Mifti's father said very easily, 'what are you thinking of when you are saying? I know you do not want my bad luck. I won't disagree with you in this regard. "Father's words were so painful that took away her sleep for several days.

Then one day she could know, her father has decided to get married her with that boy and the wedding day is scheduled next Friday. Mifta's heart was broke into pieces after listening to the news of marriage. The dream of building herself is far-reaching. Few days later her SSC examination will take place. But what will happen? Will the study stop? Will the dreams of the chest be in the chain of marriage?

Such questions started to gyrate in his mind. She wants to scream, to tell his father - she doesn't agree with this marriage. But she does not have any courage to say. She had nothing to do but douse the chest clothes with tears. As the light of noon loses its way in the skyline at the end of the day, just like that the vigor inside her chest mopes.
Eventually, Mifty's marriage was done in a very domestic environment.

Foot from head of the bride was wrapped with diamond, gold and pearl ornaments. Her parents and children also became happy thinking about her happiness. After a few days of marriage, Mifti spent time well. After a month her husband flew to Italy. She will have to wait a long time to get her husband's fancy. Mifti remained in her father's house for now. After the SSC examination, her door of education was closed because of being a mother. She named her son Suddha. Father came running from Italy to see his blood. Ten days after he went back again.

After Suddha's birth, mother had to stay in her father's house for most of the time. In this way, almost 10 years have passed. After two or three years, Suddha's father used to come to the family for a few days. Then he went back. At the age of puppets, Mifti entered into the father-in-law's house as bride. So many dreams of adolescents remain unfulfilled. In spite of will she can't mix and speak with friends as before. Now she is like inodorous flower of flower- vase. Smelling the fragrance of that flower the bees don't come running to drink honey.

Even though she is young, but it reminds her repeatedly that she is a housewife, a mother. She was enclosed with the chain of rule of her father-in-law's house. The pain of breaking dreams taking place in the chest seems to be burning like bran fire. She has to lead her life as parasite. In spite of having riches she is looking for happiness.

In the meantime, Suddha's parents started to dream with beloved son. They have been trying their best to bring up their son as real man. According to the plan Mifti went to Dhaka with her son and rented a flat. A domestic worker was appointed Suddha was admitted to a good school in the capital. Suddha's parents will not be stingy to spend money for their son. Every month Mifti's husband remits a lot of money from abroad for the family.

One day Mifti was introduced to Suddha's one classmate's father named Asif who is a small businessman. At one stage, he started to visit Mifti's house. Gradually, the close relationship between them is improving. They fell in deep love with each other. But within a short time the heaven love was changed into concupiscence. The heap of insatiable desire on the Mifti's heart forced her to be close with Asif. She feels courage in the chest. Only she was afraid of his son, Suddha. Unknowingly of mind she thought Suddha hindrance of new happiness.

She did not hesitate to disregard the fear of public shame. Because he didn't like Asif's presence at home, talking, smiling and jokes with him. She found the evidence several times. On the other hand Asif, who was so tired after a long wait, was ardent to drink nectar from rumination of human body's hidden fold. He also became desperate to fulfill that terrible lust and for that he has been finding a chance in mind.

One day in the afternoon, Suddha went to a coaching center. It would be late at least a couple of hours to return home like other days. Gentle breeze was blowing with light rain outside. Mifti felt Asif very much. She is excited in the heart for Asif's warm touch. She wanted to lose herself somewhere else just for a while. At that time Asif's name appeared on the mobile screen with the ring tone.

Then her mind was gleeful. Receiving the call she asked Asif to come home without giving him a chance to talk with her. He answered that was right. Asif also waited for such news. He started out without delay. On the other hand Suddha returned home soon remaining the coaching closed. Mifti quickly approached the door hearing the knocking on the door. Opening the door she saw Suddha. Mifty was sickened of him.

At that time, she expected Asif. The coaching remaining closed she abused the teachers. Just a little later Asif came. He saw Suddha at home and realized something was wrong. So he got out of door quickly so that Suddha could not guess anything. But both of them failed to manage it.

Suddha became angry with Asif uncle. He asked his mother why Asif uncle came to our house. He should not come here more at any time. Instantly Mifti also threw a bunch of words on the face of Suddha. She replied, "Your uncle must come. You can't say anything for this. I still now stay at your father's family only for you. Otherwise, I threw away it forever to find a new address..." Mifti's consciousness came back in a while.

Her head sunk into the shame! She tried to control herself. Then though little Suddha could not understand the real meaning of his mother's words, he did not have any problem to understand that the heap of hatred was born in his mother's mind for his father.

The writer is an administrative officer of Ministry of Public Administration, Bangladesh Secretariat

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