Published:  12:01 AM, 24 November 2018

Enjoy the nature at Nijhum Dip

Enjoy the nature at Nijhum Dip

Nijhum Dip is a very small island located at the shore of Bay of Bengal. It's a part of Hatia union of Noakhali district. Initially, the island was known as Chor  Osman after the name of a brave settler Osman who established the first settlement with his buffalo & cattle. Later the government's high officials have changed that name. But still, in documents, the island is known as Chor Osman.

Launch named Panama and Tipu-5 used to go Hatia from Dhaka. A double bed cabin use to cost 1600 taka. If you want to save money, then have a ticket of open deck for 250 taka. It starts from Sadarghat at 5:30 afternoon, and reaches at Hatia at next morning, somewhere between 09:00 - 10:00.

From Hatia, you can take trawler of Nijhum Dip. It will be around 3 hours of trawler journey based on the tide status of the river. It was 70 taka per person for us. If you miss trawler, then hire baby taxi for 700 taka to have a lift till Moktara Ghat. It can handle maximum 5 people. For your information, the road condition is not good, and it's a 1.5 hours of journey. Also, you have to cross the river by boat after leaving the baby taxi.

You can stay at Nijhum Resort at Namar Bazar. A five-bed dormitory cost us 1800 taka per night. Rooms were very comfortable according to the remoteness of the island. Obokash Porjoton maintains that resort. So you can book rooms from Dhaka by visiting their office at Mogbazar. There is a boarding available at Bondor tila named Chairman boarding. Also, another boarding named Moshjid Bedding is available at Namar Bazar. You can check those too.

There are several low facilitated restaurants available at the island for villagers. You can have your dinner and lunch there if you want. Otherwise, you have to cook yourself.

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