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Passion in their eyes

Passion in their eyes

Iffat Ara Munia

Anwesha Dutta, Maliha Tabassum and Fateha akter bristy ; They are the owners and designers of popular online hand-painted, handmade  jewelries Trinitri, Chinho and Gahana Haatbazar respectively. They talk about their journey and share thoughts regarding the online based business with Iffat Ara Munia.  

AA: Hi Anwesha! How are you? We want to know about you and your Trinitri.

Anwesha Dutta: Hello, I'm well, what about you? I'm currently studying in Pharmacy. Apart from this, I have taken a small initiative to develop my activities. Trinitri is an online-based jewelry shop, where I translate my imaginations into jewelries.

AA: What made you interested in this field?

Anwesha: I have launched Trinitri without much thinking as a passion. In the beginning, I didn't have knowledge on jewelry crafting and none supported me. I had a dream of studying in Fine Arts. Though my dream haven't come true, I am now much proud of my works which has been immensely appreciated by many. From the very start, I had a lone goal to create something permanent that would allow me to be involved in doing what I love the most and experimenting with something new every day. So the medium of turning my passion into a profession started with ornaments.
AA: Did you start this business just for passion? 

Anwesha: : I started my business not only for passion but also for proving the matter that where there is a will there is a way.  Dream actually comes true! You just need that dream which won't let you sleep!

AA: What type of ornaments do you make?

Anwesha:  My ornaments are specially crafted with wood. Initially, I had started painting on wooden buttons. Then I moved on to cutting woods into different shapes and    ve about over 100 designs of rings that one can choose. Very recently the ornaments based on the cinema named "Debi" got very good reaction from our valued customers. 

Apart from the wooden ornaments, we have German silver jewelries crafted with thread beads and wood as well. I love to make fusion jewelry, something different, as life is too short to wear boring jewelries!  People now a day's love to wear something interesting, different and unique. We try to meet their choices. 

AA: Do you have any outlet or helping hand?

Anwesha:: No, currently I do all my works almost by myself, such as crafting jewelries, packing and delivering them, checking messages. My mother and my friend Kumar help me sometimes. Their love and support is the biggest strength of me. My clients are very supportive and lovable at the same time.

AA: Tell about your future plan about Trinitry.

Anwesha: I have a dream that Trinitri will go to a new height one day and one can get our ornaments from home and abroad. I hope one day entrepreneurs in the country will be encouraged by Trinitri and I want to take Trinitri to such a level where we will get opportunity to provide employment for those who are in need. 

AA: Would you like to say something to the new entrepreneur?

Anwesha: I suggest the budding entrepreneurs to do what they like with full dedication and devotion. Now-a-days, many take initiatives without dedication and creativity. They just copy works of other and try to attract clients with lower prices. They don't even maintain the minimum quality. 

These things are alarming for our craft world. Every entrepreneur should have respect for others' works. They should try to do something of their own, chase their own dream, passion and should encourage crafts that represent our culture and heritage..

AA: Hello, Maliha! Tell me about you. What are you doing now and when you started up Chinho?

 Maliha Tabassum: :  Hi! Currently I am studying in Civil Engineering at University of Asia Pacific. I started Chinho on February 1, 2017. It is basically an online handmade and hand painted Jeweler store.

AA: Well, What made you think of utilizing your skill of painting into business sector and how did you step into the world of entrepreneurship? 

Maliha:  I love paintings and arts since my childhood. Somehow, I was lost in tremendous pressure of my studies. Then one day I wanted to bring those things back, and that's when idea of Chinho hit my mind.

AA: What kinds of jewelry do you make? 

Maliha: Mainly wooden jewelry is our prime focus. Engraving different themes on wood and painting on wood are the most favorite of mine. I try to follow a theme when I design any jeweler. Like Chinho has Zodiac Sign themed Jeweler, Rickshaw, CNG, Hibiscus & Lily flower, Mandala Art inspired Panda etc. Everything is made of wood. Here, Hand painted bangles is one of the most selling products. Besides wooden jewelry, different types of handmade metal products are also available. Clients love them most.

AA: How much do people like your shop?

Maliha: In this short time of Chinho, I have got a lot of responses. People actually love wooden and handmade jewelries. They praise a lot especially different themed jewelry. Though there are some barriers to run this business. Limited materials are the most problematic one. 

AA: In present days, we notice entrepreneur fairs are held in Dhaka, where mass people easily can buy products and know about it.  Have you ever attended those fairs? 

Maliha: Yeah, I attended Raangta of Meye network in last June. I really got a great response from there. These people inspire me very much.

AA: Excellent! Now tell me about the future of Chinho. What you think about it? In future how will you run these?

Maliha: I have some ideas about future of Chinho . Right now I am a student and besides my study I'm running this business. After I've finished my graduation, I want to elaborate this start up slowly. I have a little desire that I will create employment for some deprived women in Chinho. I will give training to them and then work with them. 
AA: That one is very initiative idea. Now tell me something about you. In your leisure time what would you like to do? 

Maliha: In my leisure time, I work for Chinho. It becomes my obsession and passion for 1 and half years. Beside this, I love to travel and watching movies.

AA: Hi Fateha! How are you? Would you like to tell me something about you?

Fateha: Hi, I'm Fateha Akter Bristy. I'm the owner of Gahana Haatbazar. I'm studying BA in English. 

AA: Well, Tell me about your journey of Gahana Haatbazar. When you started this business?

Fateha: The journey of Gahana Haatbazar had started 4 years ago in 2014.

AA: Say something about your Gahana Hatbazar. What type of ornaments do you make?

Fateha: Gahana Haatbazar is a combination of tradition and style. We make pure silver, Indian silver and brass designer handcrafted jeweler by highly experienced craftsman. Our signature product is nose pin which is made of pure silver and precious stones. We admire traditional jeweler with in a modern touch. Here you get bridal jeweler, nose pins, ear rings, tiaras, hand jeweler, anklet, toe rings and different kind of hair jewelers.

AA: Why you choose this business?

Fateha:  Actually I love to do that and I always want to represent our culture through my work.  I am working to return our traditional jewelers among us in a different and stylish way which was famous in our mothers and grandmothers time.  If we maintain our quality of work with honestly and dignity I guess we will be able to achieve success!

AA: Have you ever attend any fair to promote your business?

Fateha: Sometimes I attend exhibitions of art galleries so that I can show my unique pieces of jeweler and also to communicate with my clients directly and know their preferences.

AA: What are their reactions? Do you get enough response from your client?

Fateha: Always I get huge response from my customers. They admire my work and inspire me a lot. Even I have got some clients from foreign countries like US and UK. Soon my page will hit 200k followers.

AA: What you dream about your business?

Fateha: My dream is to establish Gahanna Haatbazar as a famous jewelry brand and it will go far with success across the country and the overseas. 

AA: What you do in your free time?

Fateha: Beside this I love to do designing, reading books a lot and I also love traveling. 

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