Published:  12:11 AM, 30 November 2018

Capitalist bothered by beggar

Capitalist  bothered by beggar

Tanzil Zia

Every time I wait at those traffic signals, shiver run through my spine to see those kids - burn marks all across their faces, bruises here and there, impaired limbs, weathered out clothes, tears running down from their eyes… oh god, what a agonizing scene it always is…and the worst is many a times kids carrying another infant in their laps and pleading that if you don't give money that poor kid will die because of hunger!!! Yeah I'm speaking of kids begging at traffic signals in all major Dhaka metropolitan and in such a poignant condition how can you stop yourself paying some taka to those poor souls from.

Well, I guess most of us are aware of the mentioned facts but despite the knowledge and our rational minds which say that we should dissuade begging, is it possible to ignore the bruises, tears and hunger of all those kid beggars who just stand in front of you during those red lights? Is it possible to ignore the cries of small infants who are supposedly howling because of no food or extreme weather conditions? Hmmm… at least its not possible for me, as honestly speaking I keep on getting disturbed by seeing those kids and I either end up paying money or end up thinking about them all my way…and even after thinking a lot I don't know what's the solution to it!  

The writer is a copy editor

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