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BIBM is a blessing for banking industry

BIBM is a blessing for  banking industry

Actually, being junior-level employee of a private- owned bank, I can never expect to be invited from any globally renowned institutions as a guest. Currently, as a passion, side by side banking service, I am continuously writing articles on economic issues apart from other issues that are being published in different English language newspapers.

All on a sudden, a dedicated publications officer of Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management ( BIBM) named Md Al-Mamun Khan  who has already  earned reputation among media people by dint of  keeping connection always,  made a call over cellular phone and requested me to be present in the program titled "Graduation Ceremony for Certified Expert Bankers" scheduled to be held on 29 November of this year where Chairman , BIBM Governing Board & Governor, Bangladesh Bank, Fazle Kabir among others is expected to be present as chief guest.

I was caught in a discomfort situation whether I would attend or not since I did not expect such unauthorized invitation from BIBM officials and faculties to whom I was well-known while working at The Financial Express, the country's lone English business daily as an economic reporter. Then, I covered banking, insurance and finance while attachment with the daily.

By recalling one of past memories that Dr. Shah Md. Ahsan Habib, Professor & Director (Training) of BIBM appeared before an Interview on 'Green Banking' taken by me which was published in the Financial Express bearing head lined " Cleaner future thru green banking stressed" on 27 December 2010.

I bravely decided to attend the program spontaneously. He pointed out in what way the banks should initiate and expand green banking activities. Currently, the banks' lending volume on condition of maintaining green banking compliance is really admirable. No doubt, Mr Habib played a vital role in this regard so far as I know.

On the program day, slightly before completing office hours, I started my journey by a rented automobile heading BIBM premises. After getting down from the car, I straightly went to the decorated auditorium and took a chair to sit on in the last row. Soon before start the program the presence of invited distinguished guests was growing where financial experts, managing directors and CEOs among others attended thereto make the program a success.

The listed speakers while starting their influential speech noticing the certified bankers, I had been astonished to hear such forceful speech delivered by the BIBM top functionaries since the certified candidates are to be considered one of key figures in the industry and in future their position might have been brighter than any other.

According to speech, they have been equipped with adequate knowledge in concerned areas. So, they are capable of fighting against any situation globally in respect of knowledge sharing. The BB Governor in his speech said the certified expert bankers have to play a key role in concern desks so that the banking sector can keep away from any setback that took place in the past.

Honestly speaking, founded in 1974 BIBM supervised by Bangladesh Bank (BB) is always dedicated to produce knowledgeable bankers who are capable to shoulder any responsibilities at home and abroad since its inception by arranging trainings, seminars, and symposiums.

Moreover, with the introduction of five number of certification programs named Certified Expert in Risk Management ( CERM), Certified Expert in Credit Management ( CECM), Certified Expert in Trade Services( CETS), Certified Expert in Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime( CEAF) and Certified Expert in E-Banking ( CEEE), BIBM has  taking its steps ahead . The bankers turned experts are being built with deeper knowledge through teaching vast syllabi. Really, they would be resource people in the banking arena, no doubt.

Nevertheless, the role of BIBM faculties who are always thirst for knowledge  beggars description in terms of turning the bankers into resources through the post-graduation program - Master of Bank Management ( MBM) and EMBM alongside introduction of other programs. The library located at ground floor of main academic building has been decorated with required books and journals where the students are allowed to study to complete assignments and to take preparation for exam.

The inception of the training institute ( BIBM) is a  blessing for banking industry as no training  institutions has achieved global reputation as like as BIBM. The reputation did not come by one day. Through working hard by its board members over the years, the long - desired goodwill has been created. The certificate achievers from this global famed institute are able to work confidently under any circumstances and their works quality are truly admirable than others. 

What is to be noted here that following increase of employees in banking industry, more  training centers maintaining the same quality like BIBM should be set up as early as possible with the assistance of Bangladesh Bank where the faculty members having good background must be hired. The bankers of all stages should be allowed to use training centers' library in order to gather knowledge.

To conclude, I want to opine that BIBM might take the responsibility of preparing question papers for much-discussed Banking Diploma exams- part 1 & part 2 following global standard and the exam methods might have been changed if the central bank allows them for making the bankers fit in respect of skills through Banking Diploma intake taken two times every year.

If possible, the expert bankers might be respected by awarding additional marks at the time of promotion. The central bank should think regarding this with a view to bringing sustainability in the sector. Moreover, after wearing the expertise gown and hat on the head, the experts should promise before all that they will engage themselves any concerned desks located at home and abroad if the organizations feel them.

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