Published:  12:52 AM, 06 December 2018

The end

The end

Leuna Sarah

There is fear, and then there is pain. I pulled at the shackles, the raw skin on my wrists and ankles red with blood. I glanced around the dark room, looking for an outlet, a door or a window perhaps. The door was clearly locked, as I attempted to turn the knob.

The confinements were tugging at my skin, and I felt weak with pain. I plunked to the ground. I felt my body vibrate, and saw that the tremors were coming from my trembling hands. My vision began to blur out, with the surely blooming headache in my right temple. I closed my eyes, and sucked in a deep breath.

I knew it was him; only he would have a motive to do this to me. My fears must have been true, seeing he confined me to conceal his secret. It was during the middle of the semester, when he joined. Kai was definitely an 'oddball'. His monotonous way of talking and mundane choice of clothes all spoke for him.

At first, everyone was kind of doubtful of his strange personality, but their suspicions quickly dissuaded when he displayed his outstanding strength. Kai was immensely strong, picking up the teachers' table with one hand during cleaning duty. Everyone appreciated him; he got along well.

That was until I saw him get a paper cut during class. It was a big wound, and I expected a large streak of blood to appear. However, what I saw instead was a slight shimmer, a sort of electrical shine flow by.

I squinted my eyes to see better, hoping it was just my poor eyesight. At that moment, Kai looked in my direction, with a frown on his face. His face then loosened up, and he produced a 'tsk' sound with his tongue. He smirked widely, before turning away. I stared at his back, baffled with the encounter.

A month later, I found him roaming around the computers in the lab. As I carefully hid behind the chairs to observe, I noticed countless wires leading up to the computer he was using. My eyes widened in horror, as he unbuttoned his shirt and thrust an open wire into his skin.

As the electricity penetrated inside, I saw him sigh in relief and ecstasy, as if he enjoyed being electrocuted. I covered my mouth, as realization dawned upon me-if only I had known before!
As I tried to stand up, I felt a tight grip on my wrist, pulling me back.

The air was knocked out of me, as I stumbled to the ground, and Kai spun me around to face him. The blood in my veins froze, and my knees gave in. I mumbled incoherent words to convince him of my pledge of silence. "I-I promise…I won't say a word. So please, l-let me go.

I won't even utter the word 'robot' in front of you," I said. 'Don't worry,' he surprisingly reassured. 'I know you won't,' he flashed his vicious grin, and I felt hopeful. I exhaled a deep breath. However, soon I fell to the ground, as a jab aimed to my head had my vision blacking out.

I shivered as I heard the door open with a loud creak. Footsteps resounded, and then the door swung shut. I lowered my eyes, trying to prevent any eye contact. However, Kai grabbed my jaw, turning my jaw to meet his. The robot smiled gleefully as he muttered, 'See? I knew you won't tell anyone.' Tears pricked my eyes, as I closed them and prepared for my end.

La Fin

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