Published:  12:54 AM, 06 December 2018

The unexpected play

The unexpected play

Nusaibah Mariam Rahman

One day Suhana and Ishana, two sisters came from school and saw that three people were sticking poster and announcing something. They went there and saw that the people were quite busy. "Hello sir," said Suhana to one man. "What are doing here? We haven't seen you in our neighbourhood before.

Are you new here?" "Yes", replied the man, whose name is Mr. Mizan. "We are a group of actors who have planned to perform a grand play in your neighbourhood. So we are putting up the poster for publicizing." "Oh a play," exclaimed Salma, "we'll love it." "Yes girls, you must come," told the man.

The sisters returned home and told their parents about it. They were quite excited about the show. "We'll attend the play insha Allah, OK?" they told to their parents. "OK, dear", replied Papa. So the next day Sohana's dad, Mr. Tareq took them to the auditorium to see the show. 

Before the show started, Sohana saw Mr.Mizan and she introduced her parents to him.  "Hello", said Mr.Mizan while packing his belongings. "I'm sorry, we aren't be able to perform the play. It's nice meeting you, all we must leave now", said he in sad voice. "Wait", said Ishana. "Why are you all leaving? We come to see the play, may I know the reason," she added. "Yeah, we all want to know, why you will not perform?" said Mr. Tareq.

"I have two small grandchildren like you, a loving son and daughter in law and a caring wife in a beautiful cottage along the countryside. We weren't that rich but we lived life a happy life. I and my son Faisal used to perform plays in the theatre. We had very good friends there and people respected us.  We worked hard and in evenings we used to return home get to see my loving grandchildren who would give me hug and showed their new arts and crafts.

They were the apple of my eyes and having family dinner together was great. But sorrow travels through every house. All at once, my brother with his cunning wife came to visit us from village and stayed with us. They gave many presents and won our hearts. But no one knew they actually had a plan to ruin our family.

One day tricking my innocent son, they went to the theatre where we worked. When they saw that other co-workers and owner praised my son, they got jealous.

"You do your work. Don't worry about us, we'll wait here," they told my son. I went to the city to buy some costumes that day. My son and the others got busy, while they set fire and many things burnt. Before leaving the place, he spread the rumour that he saw my son threw fire and destroyed the company my. People became very furious and they shouted and decided to kill my son."

The people of the place banned us to live there. I was shocked by the betrayal of my own blood and start living a village. Later we heard that my brother became owner of three theatre companies, including where we worked and became very rich. But at times me and my son act in other theatre companies so we came here. But I saw my brother in charge of this theatre, so now I decided to leave as soon as possible," he said.

Everybody became shocked to listen his story. "Don't worry, you will perform a play here with your son and that man couldn't harm you insha Allah," said Suhana's dad. The man agreed with heavy heart. "We'll tell the police about the truth behind the fire throwing incident and what your brother and his wife did with you. Now police will arrest your brother," said Mr. Tareq. "No, don't arrest my brother. I forgive him," said Mr Mizan.

The show was fabulous and everybody appreciated the show. "Thanks a lot, I'll be grateful to you," Mr.Mizan told Mr. Tareq and his family after the show. "It was my duty, I only give you justice. I'll be happy if you can return your home now and live a normal life," replied Mr. Tareq.

The writer is a high school student

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