Published:  12:40 AM, 07 December 2018

More funds needed for Rohingya children's basic education

All over the world, in every disaster, be it social, geopolitical or economic, children become the ultimate sufferer of the whole situation and they bear the brunt of the worst consequences.

Nelson Mandela, the legendary South African politician, mostly known for his anti-apartheid movement, rightly said that children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

This visionary leader stressed the importance of child education, because he knew that sustainable development is not possible without quality education. He said that education is a very important weapon to prepare children for their future roles as leaders of the community.

As the children are the future of the nation, when they become victim of any crisis, everything goes wrong. Therefore, any issues related children should be dealt with utmost sincerity and sensitivity.

In case of the Rohingya children's basic education issue, we should keep this crucial thing in mind and work accordingly. The lives of Rohingya children cannot be destroyed for the negligence of anyone.

They have already suffered a lot for the mass killing and exodus, now the least we can do for them is ensuring their basic education. Though quality education and proper schooling, their future would be bright.

Education is a basic human right and every human being, irrespective of the caste, creed, colour and religion, should get this privilege.If we fail to ensure the basic needs of the distressed Rohingya children, especially the primary education, we will be liable for that and they will be the lost generation for our mistake.

However, for this, goodwill is not enough. We need a lot of money and logistic support to move forward. Bangladesh, a developing country, cannot afford that much expenditure by itself. Moreover, it is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with an estimated 162 million people. For that reason, international donor agencies and rich countries should come forward with necessary logistic support and pump cash in the particular sectors. 

Furthermore, illiteracy and sheer poverty create security risks in the country, therefore, the concerned authorities should keep this thing in their mind, and take proper steps to eradicate poverty and work for child literacy, instead of creating blueprint and spending millions for tackling the would-be child soldiers.

After all, the entire expenditure of the security risk management is colossal and child literacy could be an effective way to handle this great problem.

At present, it seems that the international donor organizations are reluctant to allocate necessary amount of currency for the education purpose of the Rohingya children and from their recent activities, it is clear that they are adept in lip service than taking required actions to better the condition of the Rohingya refugees, who are leading their life in a terrible condition in the refugee camps of the Cox's Bazar.

Sending goodwill ambassadors in the Rohingya camps one after another is one more typical recent phenomenon, which creates unnecessary fuss over the serious issue and this kind of show off does not help to solve the core problem. Rather, these kinds of incidents sensitize the whole matter, which could ultimately backfire and destroy the peaceful repatriation process of the Rohingya refugees.

It seems that by sending star ambassadors the international bodies downplay the essential requirement of monetary assistance for the Rohingya refugees. Instead of sending funds, these donor organizations remain busy in organizing pointless press conference and futile meetings in the five star posh hotels of the capital city.

Very recently, UNESCO, a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN), expressed its concern over this important issue. No one is eager to solve the refugee issue and apparently none have the intention to work for the literacy of the Rohingya children, but, this is crucial at this moment.

Bangladesh government is doing everything for the Rohingya children on its own, but it is also the duty of the wealthy nations and top financial organizations to come forward to solve this humanitarian issue and help Bangladesh by sending money.

The regional and international organizations should come out from this culture of showing off and supply sufficient amount of money to build the future of the Rohingya children. Schools and colleges should be made near the refugee camps.

If possible, adult education should also be initiated at the slum areas. But for that reason, a lot of financial assistance needed from the donor agencies and multinational organizations.

On the other hand, top global media outlets should publish the news and the views about the tormenting situation of the Rohingya people continuously and create insurmountable pressure on the world powers to help these unfortunate people.

Last but not the least, this is right time to take proper steps in order to ensure the primary education of the Rohingya children.

At present millions of Rohingya children, who are completely illiterate, are living in the refugee camps of Cox's Bazaar and for sure, when there will be any security crisis in the future, international security agencies will put all the blame on this hapless community without any delay.

Now the question is that isn't it better to take proper actions to ensure the literacy of the Rohingya children instead of this kind of blame game?

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