Published:  12:57 AM, 27 December 2018


Prayers for martyred intellectuals
Mahfuz Al-Hossain

Tonight I'll not eat any rice and even nothing for dinner
following the footsteps of the late mother of Shahid Azad;
Tonight I am not going to bed for a lazy lousy sleep;
Rather, I'll spend whole night in silent sole prayers;

Prayers not for my personal issues or worldly needs
Also not for collecting fares for my eternal boat journey
in lives after death.

I'll have been praying whole night and day consecutively
till dawn of Sixteenth December, the day of our ultimate victory
I'll be praying solemnly in the darkest corner of my room
putting off all glittering lights which may be the perfect
ambience for a sacred duty;

I'll be praying for the salvation of the departed souls of our
martyred intellectuals.
They were really the enlightened and brave sons and
daughters of this soil;

They were actively engaged in the struggles of our national
 emancipation and particularly in war of liberation in
numerous intellectual fronts since Ninteen Forty Eight
without any three naught three or SLR;

They had been killed mercilessly by the Paki occupation
forces and their local partners in war crimes- the ugliest
creature- infamous Raazakar, Albadr and Alshams.

May Almighty Creator grant them grandiose of paradise;
Let all the hated killers of martyred intellectuals be tried
and thereby adjudged to make them walk to the gallows
irrespective of whom or wherever they're.

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