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Nazibah Rahman

Nora has no friends in her class. One day a new student admitted in the class and she thought that the new girl might be her friend. Her name is Rania. So she introduced herself to Rania. Then they talked and became friends. Nora offered Rania to sit next to her. She helped Rania in studies and invited her new friend in her home.

Rania shared her secret that in her old school no one talked with her because she has black complexion. The Principal of the school is her cousin and so she admitted here. "Don't worry about them now. I'll be always with you. People should not judge anyone by their outer appearance", Nora consoled her.

In the mean time, Rania realized that nobody mix with Nora. "There are more cool girls in the school to become friend," Rania thought herself.  So she started talking with other girls and made some new friends. "Can we be friends just for now," she asked Nora. That 'now' changed everything.

Nora understood that when Rania get other friends she will forget her.  Slowly Nora saw that Rania's behaviour changed. Whenever Nora asked something to her, she ignored her or laughed with her new friends. Nora thought she was weird. Every day Rania called her for studies and she helped her as much as possible. Nora told her everything.

Even she shared her lunch with her. When she first admitted in the school Nora introduced Rania with other students of the class. But now Rania ignored her. When everyone knew that she was the cousin of the principal, they became friends with her. Sara is first girl of the class and Rania became her best friends. Sara did not know that Rania was malicious and a serpent underneath.

Now when Nora called her Rania did not respond and when she invited her house Rania did not come instead she went other friends' house. Nora thought herself a great fool. Yet she still loves her and wants to be her friend again. She does not like to be alone. "Something is better than nothing. A bad friend is better than no friend at all," she thinks.

The writer is a student of class six

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