Published:  01:18 AM, 28 December 2018

Demolishing of the world

Nawfa Nanziba Omama

Mankind was born when the Lord punished the first and only pair then humans and banishing them to Earth, which was then nothing but an empty vessel with pure nature no one to rule on it.

Humanity then, grew; in numbers and brought along races, personalities and ideas for the emergent earth. Mouths that never spoke accurate languages developed weapons for hunting and learned their unknown writing on the granite caves. They probably drew what they saw and fantasized. Decades passed and new people took form.

They had learned language, designed homes with stalks and canes. They wrote with burnt ashes, and created their technology for farming and storing. And as decades passed, more ideas and people were born and Earth was then forced to take a new form for its people. However, the peaceful developing was not destined to continue forever.

New personalities, people, ideas were always divided to the good and the bad. And war was forever at the edge of its leash to break through and bring destruction. Clans would misunderstand and bring disasters for their own people. And thus, the beautiful and calm human race began unraveling their colors.

And more changes were created, giving the new souls life on earth and clearing the old eye. Legends from ancestors and legacies from families were passed down generation. And hence, minds were used to their sufficient aptitudes and created new paths for comfort and a better grip over life; Using earth for the best, giving it the equal rest and respect for its provisions. Even so, the will to be above all in both power and mind was always present, from the very beginning.

The practice for survival in the land, where strength and power was everything the youth knew, was fatal. To people, peace often faded into air and cruelty would open its arms for the lost. Clans took their own form of rules and live under their leaders' laws.

And thus came the beginning of the technology me acknowledge now. Minds, houses, religions and weaponry were more developed. War divided each state and ruling progressions created countries. People were divided as well, and each living in each country gained an identity for their nation and race. The phase of brutality and liberal changes would take place as often as rain.

The minds took drastic alterations and so did the ideas for machinery. Light was invented, and saying it poetically, it brought the light of hope to humanity. It was a step forward to a better and upgraded world. Science was growing stronger after every smallest discovery.

The history of the solar system, the theory of the Big Bang, the comets lurking in the galaxy- every little discovery was a hopeful step for both mankind and earth itself. New and various careers and new artists evolved.

Vehicles that miraculously moved however the human brain commanded them and ran on three wheels and then four wheels came to existence; odd machines and devices that show screens and pictures as black playing with white appeared. And on the other hand, wars were wagged like wildcats and all for the smallest bit of power politicians could gain. The hopes of one's followers would be on the fence; would it be joy or sorrow they would meet for all the loyalty? And that would bring the hero or the terrorist.

War was always a constant, no matter the who opponent was. Whether they were our own emotions or not, we were always fighting back with negativity to cope up with society. Even if there used to be war, suffering, unfair judgments, the earth was forever taken care of. The harm there was to be done, would either be done in one or two particular places, or the either world. The knowledge then never did as much harm, as the knowledge this generation gained.

The advanced intelligence of people led to great help for humanity and earth, advanced methods for medication, keeping the earth green and safe from any major harm, the fresh theories about the earth and humans themselves. In our current world, everything is but peaceful and safe. Technology has been advanced for the betterment of people and their lives.

They were never for the propulsion for the end. Chemicals, nowadays, are used as if wood and water. The nature has no importance to these, until it is to bring out the sources for their new inventions. The oceans which contained vast variety of life once are now ruined and polluted. The sea creatures are all trapped in the horrible doing of humans. The majority of whales are at the edged and thinking of the cannibals, where do we see them?

Everywhere we go, it's always something new, something special; yet it won't be anything formed by the grace of nature itself. It would be created but items extracted from earth itself, but it wouldn't be as fulfilling. The wars are more than bloody; the environment is more than unsafe. The world is developing on a different boat and to me, it's wrong.

Imagine everything being a success, every human living the lavish and upgraded life, yet the Earth doesn't live up to it. There is no peace for us. Everything is in despair. Our hearts aren't fit for any joy and we are nothing but a vessel filled with misery and negativity.

People are dying every moment, animals are losing their existence. We are doing what not to pay the bills. Yet, the world only keeps upgrading, ignoring the heavy burdens of humans who are forlorn because of their own leaders. The earth is dying yet there are no precautions.

It would only meant naught if the earth gives up; how much proof do us humans want to be sure about nature's hard time coping up with our desires? It hurts to see how all the disasters one by one are swallowing the innocent. Maybe we all will understand someday, when the Earth would crack open for us and not even the biggest tool would be able to help us.

Yet there still is time. It's suffering, the youth is suffering, but there still is time to settle matters, to tone things done for a while and think about the nature and its consequences. However, it is only in the hands of the thinkers and government to stop and save us the horrendous future blow we might face.

The writer is a student of class six,
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