Published:  01:21 AM, 28 December 2018

Super fun things on prom checklist

Super fun things on prom checklist

Kelsey Stiegman

Pre-prom prep takes weeks of planning - the dress, the corsages and boutonnieres (do you DIY or buy?), the hair and glam, plus coordinating outfits with your date once you've got it all figured out.

You put so much thought into what you'll wear on prom night that you might have forgotten to plan out the night itself. You go, you dance - but what else? Well, we've got you covered. Screenshot this checklist of things to do and you're all set for a fun-as-hell prom night you'll never forget.

Get Ready With All Your Friends

Before you get all glammed up for the big night, invite your girls over. You'll make a ton of memories while you prep, plus you can always count on your bffs for a brutally honest opinion on your contour.

Join the Prom Planning Committee

The last thing you need senior year is extra stress, but trust, taking this on will be 100% worth it. You'll get to take part in all the decision making to ensure the big event is a total blast.

Embrace the Squad Pics

You might get annoyed half way through photo taking when your mom insists on staging pictures with every single person in the room. Do yourself a solid and just embrace it. You'll probably be too busy to take pics the rest of the night and by tomorrow you'll be glad you did.

Host a Post-Prom Sleepover

Even if your squad is going away for the whole weekend, making time for a massive co-ed sleepover is a necessity. Invite your whole prom crew + dates over for movies and excessive amounts of mac and cheese.

Invest in a Party Bus

Alright fam, I'm about to get serious for a hot sec. When you add just one non-family passenger to a car with a teen driver, it increases the likelihood of an accident by 44 percent. Add a second non-family passenger, and the rate doubles. With three or more passengers in the car, it quadruples. So even though it's fun to pile all your friends into mom's minivan, just pool your money and book a party bus instead.

Go to the School After-Prom Party (Even If It Sounds Lame)

Even if you think the school-sanctioned post-prom party is going to be boring as hell, stop by for half an hour anyway. If it does end up being fun, you're in for some major FOMO. If it sucks, at least you get free pizza (there's almost always food).

Plan Your Own Prom Weekend

After prom, some students take a full weekend trip to celebrate the end of the year. Rent a beach house on Airbnb or take over your bff's lakehouse for a few days. You'll probably have even more fun than you did on prom night.

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