Published:  01:21 AM, 28 December 2018

Is technology only source of knowledge!

Is technology only source of knowledge!

Human curiosity is the main reason for the enhancement of our knowledge. Many people from all countries are curious to know new knowledge. The present age has rightly been called the age of knowledge; knowledge generation is today as important as communicating it and helping others construct it for themselves. So what was impossible to think earlier to happen, is just a matter of click now. 

The more knowledgeable you are, the stronger you will be claimed as. This is how knowledge has truly become power. The most advanced countries in today's world are those that have a strong system of generating knowledge.  The available sources of knowledge are technology, research, advance studies, in class, off class, academic, social, familial and experience sharing activities. Everywhere we have serendipitous aids to gather knowledge.

But the problem is that instead of having lot of sources of knowledge we do mistakes sometimes and prove that we lack knowledge. Actually, we have become comfort lover in the way of gathering knowledge. Instead of turning pages of dictionaries to know the meaning of certain words we click on computer and get the answer from Wikipedia.  Similarly, we learn cooking through net, decorate home or office through net, make digital friends and send digital wishes. One thing we cannot transfer through internet.

It is our inner feelings and ethics to lead & love our life and society. Our new generation makes mistakes in taking certain decisions of their lives. Their family & friends should provide positive feedback to take the right decision. Taking quick and right decisions has never been easy; but they who are more knowledgeable have always had an edge over others.

From curiosity the urge of knowing springs. The smart one is he/ she who gets updated information and accept the good ones through rejecting the bad ones. They apply new thoughts to improve their work sectors, home activities and life styles.  In this age of competition we have to move forward without pause.  Each day we will be knowledgeable but we will not be dependent on Technology only.

Ask yourself first rather than asking a machine. Touch your fingers on the holly pages of books rather than just the keyboards. Use Technology for your advancement but do not let technology master you for its advancement. Learn new things but never abhor old good values. There are many worthy books in libraries waiting for eager readers like you. Learn & create your own world and move forward…

The author is Director & Associate Professor (English) of Institute of Modern Languages (IML), Jagannath University, Dhaka. Her email address is:

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