Published:  12:36 AM, 05 January 2019

Thoughts on India's 2019 general election

Very recently assembly elections took place in some of the creamy states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Telengana where we found that in the first three named states BJP and NDA allies had complete drubbing.

Only in Telengana state of Indian Union closer to Andhra Pradesh was won by TRS (Telengana Rashtriya Sangathana). After couple of months from now onwards we will find that there will be national elections most likely after the completion of CBSE Examination that means from the beginning of April 2019.

In the just concluded elections we found that BJP and NDA allies had such a heinous drubbing which speaks broadly about deterioration and erosion of the said political disposition's image in front of vast numbers of electorates or voters of said states. Most of the states are Hindi speaking belts but now one point we cannot ignore the feelings of lower middle classes along with poor cum deprived sections of Indian populace.

It was way back in the year 2014 on June 1, when Narendrabhai Damodardas Modi took charge of Indian Prime Minister there lots of hopes and aspirations reposed upon him by the vast numbers of electorates especially the products of modern generations.

Now exactly from the year 2016 end we evince with utter sorrow that people of India are losing faith upon Modi which has deeply created the downfall of BJP and NDA Alliance in major states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh which paved the way for Indian National Congress (INC) to ascent the throne of those coveted states who are still ruling the Union government of India.

It is only in Telengana (TRS) under the leadership of Mr Chandrasekhar Rao rested the cream of the seats. The moot point lying in this regard is that after couple of months parliamentary election is knocking at the door and possibilities of the ruling BJP and NDA Alliance is in a tilting state of affairs.

Whether Indian National Congress will clinch the throne at the center or not is a matter of deep rooted debate and analysis. Now Indian citizens are deep aggrieved at the ruling dispensation at the center but psychology of our citizens are such that it back volleyed at any moment of time with BJP and NDA Alliance is again voted back to power. Thus in the subsequent paragraph it is my humble task to analyze deeply about the outcome of upcoming parliamentary election in the beginning of just coming New English calendar year 2019.

Indian parliamentary election of the year 2019 will be a tough challenge for the ruling disposition BJP and NDA Alliance. My readers might wonder that why did I utter so for the ruling disposition. To go more deep into my thought processes it can be deciphered as such apart from promulgation of GST and Demonetization massive price rise of essential items and mass poverty have deeply aggrieved the voters of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

According to political analysts based all around the country that now voters should not be hoodwinked at all. They clearly understand what Union government is doing for them. Instead of contributing something positives for the welfare of the common masses we evince with utter sorrow and dismay that richer, upper middle and middle classes are reaping badly the fruits of development whereas rest of Indian populace are in utter doldrums.

Now what most of the Indians prefer to have real leader in its truest sense of the term, not the politicians who are meagerly present within us just to dismantle Indian social vertebrae. This is not at acceptable by the macro sections of Indian populace, rather all of us want that representative of the people should deliver the goods. Our politicians should pay sincerest attention to this aspect without failure. Thus it can be uttered without trace of doubt that upcoming parliamentary election of the year 2019 will be a tough task for BJP and NDA Alliance.

How to develop political governance in the national and state levels of India?

India is a vast nation with around 132 crore. When the constitution of Independent India was promulgated way back in the year 1950 on January 26 by the father of modern Indian constitution Late B.R.Ambedkar with so many novelties but what we witness now is extremely pathetic.

Late Ambedkar stated in his views that common people of India should be looked after well by the politicians. But during the time of both parliamentary and assembly elections politicians visit their constituencies and the moment the election ends then we find they disappear from the scenarios.

That is why the present political dispensation when they ascended the throne in the year 2014 to run the country with ease and alacrity but after couple of years since then it is found that it is taking turn for the worse.

Now the common people have lost all hopes and aspirations towards this present political disposition of the country. The way the drubbing took place for the ruling ones then it may be analyzed as such that people of the country except selective segments of Indian populace are sincerely praying for change.

It is our sincerest hopes and desires that there might be change of guards for the country's governance. But realistically speaking time will have its answer in this regard whether Indian National Congress will take charge of India's governance or not.

Will Indian National Congress take charge of India's governance or not in the upcoming parliamentary election?

The question of change of guards from BJP to Indian National Congress is a matter of deep introspection. Now our social situation has become as such that it is difficult to judge this vast numbers of Indian electorates. This is because the psychology of average Indians always changes from time to time.

It is always unpredictable to comment at the present when the election is taking place during the month of April 2019. Nor even the political analysts from India or close neighbors or from other parts of the globe can predict anything in this regard.

The writer is a freelance
contributor based in Kolkata

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