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Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman remained busy throughout his political career in steering this nation towards its destined shores. In the process, he offered the necessary guidelines and offered sage advice on the ways and means by which Bangladesh could achieve the goals it had set for itself under his leadership. Here are some of the statements which served as a source of light for this nation during the lifetime of the Father of the Nation and indeed continue to be a pointer to its future

*    The struggle this time is for emancipation. The struggle this time is for independence.
*    A single desire defines my life. And it is that the people of Bangladesh get food, clothing and shelter, that they get education and enjoy the right to a better life.
*    You have sucked our blood for twenty three years. Now you must face the music. (In 1970 to a Pakistani politician who questioned the Six Points).
*    Mr. President, take your 'patwari' to Rawalpindi (to Ayub Khan about Monem Khan, in March 1969).
*    If you can't speak the truth, don't tell a lie (to Moulana Syed Abul A'ala Moududi, chief of the Jamaat-e-Islami, in 1970).
*    The Six Points are a charter of emancipation for the Bengali nation.
*    Henceforth, this province of East Pakistan will be known as Bangladesh, just as the provinces in West Pakistan are known by their historical names (addressing a memorial meeting on Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy in December 1969).
*    The people of Bangladesh have proved to the world at large that they are a heroic nation, that they know how to achieve their rights and live like human beings.
*    We have achieved our achieved. As long as a Bangali lives, he will not allow this independence to be lost. Bangladesh will continue to exist as an independent country in history. There is no power on earth which can keep Bangladesh under subjugation.
*    But, brother, you are a rich Sheikh. I am a very poor Sheikh (to the UAE's Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahiyan, who had quipped that it was wonderful he and Bangabandhu were both Sheikhs).
*    Those who cannot uphold the law cannot expect to be a great nation.
*    Independence is not achieved only with the hoisting of a flag. Ensuring the security of people's lives and property is also an indispensable part of independence.
*    It is only through an agricultural revolution that the country will become self-reliant in food. Our farmers must see to it that not a single inch of the country's soil remains fallow and that crop yields are enhanced.
*    My dear brothers in the armed forces, you belong with the people and the people belong with you. You do not form a separate entity. All of you are sons of the soil. This is why you will have to share the happiness and sorrows of the masses and stand beside them in rebuilding this devastated country. Allah is with you.
*    The martyrs who gifted us our independence will never die. Their souls will rest content only when the people of this independent country, established through the sacrifices of the martyrs, will have enough to eat and will have the means to live in dignified manner.
*    I have made appeals to the world for help. I want help, but not at the cost of our independence.
*    The armed forces alone cannot defend a country. It is the people who will defend their country.
*    Democracy and nothing but democracy will work in future in this country. That much is obvious.
*    Let me declare in clear and unequivocal terms that ours is a democratic, secular, nationalist and socialist country. Our farmers and our workers, our Hindus and our Muslims, all will live in peace and happiness.
*    We are now independent. But liberty does not mean an absolute licence to indulge in anything and everything. The real meaning of independence is for a people to live in honour and dignity.
*    Anyone who wants to live in Bangladesh will have to talk to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (to a journalist on the opening day of the so-called Agartala Conspiracy trial in June 1968).
*    You know, they can't keep me here for more than six months (to a foreign journalist during the Agartala case trial in 1968).
*    If General Yahya Khan wishes to come to Bangladesh, he will be our guest (on reports of Yahya's intended visit to Dhaka in March 1971).
*    What do you mean by government? I am the government (to a foreign journalist's query on whether he was not defying the government of Pakistan in March 1971).
*    I told them I am a Bengali, I am a Muslim, I die but once (about his trial in Pakistan before a secret military court in 1971).
*    I am happy to share the unbounded joy of freedom achieved by my people through an epic war of liberation (at London press conference on January 8, 1972).
*    As you can see, gentlemen, I am alive and well (at January 1972 press conference in London).
*    I have talked to Mr. Wilson. I have talked to Mr. Heath. And I am happy (on his meetings with Britain's top political figures in January 1972).
*    I am happy with my Bangladesh (to a journalist's question if he envisaged a greater Bangladesh through unification with West Bengal).
*    To my brothers in the civil service, I have this to say: the expenses of your education and your training are borne by the poor peasants and workers of this country. The least you can do to repay them is by serving them and the country with diligence and honesty.
*    We believe in friendly and equal relations with every country in the world. The underpinning of our foreign policy will be friendship for all and malice toward none. 

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