Published:  02:06 AM, 10 January 2019

Black girl

Black girl

Twenty years ago Rois Uddin and his wife Morzina once used to weave clothes in their village Gopinathpur. They were very skilled craftsman in making sarees, towels and lungis. The clothes were sold from village to village by Rois Uddin riding a by-cycling.

As the village was close to India, some dishonest people of the village once began to buy clothes from India in cheap rate and sold them to the villagers for a little profit. The weavers of the village were unable to compete with the black traders.

By this time the weavers were in a bad situation. They could not sell one piece of clothes walking on many villages. In order to survive, Rois Uddin couple was looking for other jobs. Finally, Rois Uddin decided to work in the fields of others and his wife, Morzina decided to work on cutting the soil as a labor.

Their financial condition was retrograding day by day. Morzina had to remain unemployed most of the year. She left the job because physical condition was not good. But then Rois Uddin was still working as labor. He is the father of three daughters.

There was lack of money in his family. Even then three daughters were admitted to primary school in the village by him, Elder daughter and younger daughter were pretty to look at. So Rois Uddin let them merry in their younger age. His two sons-in-laws were also day laborers.

Rois Uddin's second daughter's name is Minara. Her appearance was not attractive to look at. She was balck. So, Rois Uddin wanted her educated. His idea was that it would not be difficult to wed her then. Minara was also happy to hear it. Show respect to his father's wishes, Minara had been studying carefully.

Minara had some classmates. They used to go to school together. At the time of going to school, coming from school and in the tiffin period they talked about different topics. When the topic of love came to their discussion, Minara become a mute audience. She said nothing. She felt the feelings of the fish in bank from the water of the river at that time. Relieves only if the context changes.

When she was alone, she floated herself in the imagination. She walks in beatitude with her lover holding his hands the whole day. Keeping her head on lover's shoulder, Minara removes fatigue to hear the sweet songs of birds in a secret place. Lover touches cheek of Minara with his lips. It makes her painful heart felicitous. Again, when her consciousness breaks, the line of the half-moon in the lips appears. When will her dream be fulfilled? Who knows it? For that day, she was eagerly waiting.

Minara continued to study under the deficiency. She sat for the SSC exams from the High School in the adjacent village. After sitting for two times she passed the SSC exams. Roich Uddin was not able to continue her study. As a result, her study ended at one stage. Minara tried her best to get a job. She applied for different kinds of post in government and non-government institutions. But she could not pass the interview.

So, her parents were angry with her. They thought that they spent money for their daughter unnecessarily. We did not have to suffer if we amassed money. We would spend it for our need. We had no tension. Nearly two dozen boys had met Minara in the last four years. But no one likes her.

Two of them were also divorcee. No question rose for her family or poverty but nobody likes to look at her face. If parents can't let their daughters marry on time, their pains know no bounds. Neighbors condemn for it. So Roich Uddin couple is not exceptional.

They can't keep their heads cool. If there is a slight mistake in the work, they insult her. A few days ago, her mother said to Minara that I had told her many times to use cosmetic so that boys liked her. But she does not listen to me. As if she was a daughter of officer. Do the young boys like black girls in this era? You could love any boy. What will happen if you love? Twenty-five years have passed. We can't give you merry. Who knows who will save us from this pain?

Mother's words bored into the Minara's chest. She kept anguish in the chest and failed to keep the tears in her eyes. Secretly she erased tears. She does not know what is the problem not to get married? She did not forget Manto who was her neighbor, whom she loved very much.

But he did not marry her. He married another girl one day. She could not accept his marriage in any way. His memories were once turned into thorns which hits Minara's heart. One day Manto's wife informed Minara that Manto loved her. There was five-year relationship between them before their marriage. Minara's heart was broken into pieces by the news. She suffered from inferiority. She understands Manto just acted with her.

After a month, Minara's mother told her, "Groom party will come tomorrow to meet you" The son works in NGOs. "After hearing the news, there was a blast in Minara's chest. Her black face became darker in fear. She thought poor proposal than this does not like her before. So she was not optimistic. According to her mother's advice Minara carefully used cosmetics to be beautiful. She stood in front of the mirror to examine her beauty. She looked pretty than any time in the past. All preparations were completed in time.

Everyone in the house was eagerly waiting for the groom party. They came in time. At the time of going, they said the girl's age was more than the boy's one. Otherwise everything was ok.  Hearing this Minara's mother's eye was full of tears. She wipes tears in secret. But Minara understood all thinks. When her mother became normal, then she said, "'Mother, I will not marry. I do not want to see any other boy." 

"What! How long do you sit on your father's neck, reply? The mother threw a few questions on her face. She becomes silent to hear it. She can't tolerate the abasement. Volcanic eruptions occur in her chest. The desires and dreams of her chest become ashes in the vortex of the volcano.

Standing in front of the mirror, she asked herself, is black girl's love and touches meaningless? Is the broken pot needed to remove rubbish? If it is, why is she god-dam? She does not get answers to many such questions arising in mind. She does not want to stay alive for a moment. Her every breathing makes her intolerable.

As the depth of the night grew, they were intense and intensified. She was looking for ways to get rid of it. Along with the darkness she wished to be lost forever. She does not want to hurt anyone. So opening the door of the house, Minara went out in the darkness of the night with a bottle of poison. Her parents did not find her at home in the morning. 

By the next afternoon, the dead body of Minara was found in a banana orchard. On the other hand, the mother and father became crazy about the loss of the girl. They are responsible for the misery of the girl. They hurt their daughter without any reason. One time the parents dreamed of happiness for their daughter. Now they have to expiate till death for their beloved daughter.

The writer is an Administrative Officer,
Ministry of Public Administration,
Bangladesh Secretariat

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