Published:  12:48 AM, 11 January 2019

No abatement in Indo-Pak ties

No abatement in Indo-Pak ties

There does not seem to be any abatement in the existing ties between India and Pakistan. Words of hostility and extreme acrimony continue to flow between the two sides, chiefly from Pakistan clearly signalling that that Pakistan is not serious in ameliorating relations between the two nuclear armed countries.

All overtures from Pakistan are sheer cosmetic as its political leadership is still struggling to come to terms due to its fragile internal situation and repeated snubs from the US have put Pakistan in a tight spot to extricate itself from its domestic mess.

In the meantime, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in an unprovoked and uncalled for statement (Jan 8), has castigated India for its alleged failure to accept Pakistan's peace overtures and to ignore the fact that any war between the two countries would be suicidal for them.

Pakistan watchers assess that Imran's outbursts are nothing but clever moves to divert the public attention from its critical issues the country is faced with. Imran further reiterated that only bilateral talks between the two countries are the solution for any improvement of ties. However, how much does Imran mean by his statement remains doubtful.

In the same vein, Imran has harped the same old tune in alleging that India will never be able to repress the aspirations of the Kashmiri people. This is yet another systematic Pakistani game plan to raise the bogey of Kashmir time and again, keeping the issue afloat and hide its failures behind the issue. Pakistan conveniently forgets that its own backyard is on fire and it's unethical to bring in Kashmir topic again and again.

Not to lag behind his Prime Minister in an apparent bid to echo his rhetoric airing anti India sentiments , Pakistan Foreign Minister , Shah Mahmood Quereshi criticised (Jan 5) the Indian leadership for their consistent ' rejection ' of spurning Pakistani peace offers . He warned that Indian provocative and negative statements would adversely affect peace prospects in the region.

A western diplomat, in complete anonymity, disclosed that instead of whipping up anti India propaganda expending worthless energy, it would augur well if Pakistani leadership focus on its internal issues by reining in terrorist outfits like Lashkar e Toiba (LeT) and Jaish e Mohammad (JeM) so that India stands reassured of Pakistani 'peace overtures' and with that reinforced reassurance, India responds favorably.

And, that's the most crucial requirement and prerequisite to any peace move. Imran and his foreign minister plus the army top brass should also ensure that there is no infiltration by the terrorists inside Kashmir and a total refrain from any abetment from Pak ISI sponsored activities, detrimental to Indian security interests.

Meanwhile , Pakistan has pulled another malicious move wherein Overseas Pakistan Baloch Unity (OPBU) Chief , Dr Jumma Khan Marri recently claimed ( Jan 4) that Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) leader Harbiyar Mari was paid was paid one million US dollars by Indian intelligence agency to attack the Chinese Consulate in Karachi . It was also said then that one Aslam Baloch aka Achchu had executed the attacks in the Clifton, Karachi based Chinese Consulate (Nov 23).

In a daring Facebook post, Dr Jumma had questioned as to how much money the deceased family members received out of the bounty of one million dollars allegedly paid to Harbiyar Marri. Similar accusations were made to Indian intelligence dispensation for alleged attacks in Chabahar, Iran. Again, Achchu was the prime suspect in perpetrating such terror acts. Achchu is since rehabilitated in Kandhahar, Afghanistan to escape the dragnet of the Pakistani security forces.

These developments coincided with the formation of Overseas Pakistani Baloch Community for the Balochs living abroad. Dr Jumma, thought to be close to Pakistani intelligence and security establishments, urged (Jan 4) the Baluchi people to wake up before it was too late.

He cautioned that those handling Baluch led terror acts would be abandoned after their tasks were over. He further said that very soon the evil designs of disgruntled Baloch leaders including Brahamdagh Bugti, Mehran Marri and Harbiyar Marri would be exposed baring their links with foreign intelligence agency of India.

We, therefore, see a calibrated anti India propaganda which are without basis most of the time. Pakistani leaders' regular accusations against India and the recent allegations on development on Baloch separatists issue coupled with belligerent statements by Prime Minister Imran and his lieutenants show that there are no signs of any thaw in the relations between India and Pakistan. And, unless Pakistan tones down its aggressive rhetoric and articulates some conciliatory tenor, peace looks distant.

The writer is a security analyst and
regular columnist on security issues

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