Published:  02:34 AM, 11 January 2019

EIU terms Bangladesh hybrid regime

EIU terms Bangladesh hybrid regime

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), an organization based in the United Kingdom, did not name Bangladesh on its list of democratic countries. The list was unveiled by EIU on Wednesday. Rather EIU has referred to Bangladesh as a "hybrid regime" for last ten years.

However, Bangladesh's ranking on global democratic index came up to 88th place in 2018 which was 92nd place in 2017. EIU judges the level of democracy in countries by means of five yardsticks which are electoral system,  multi-partisan status, citizens' rights, government's dynamism and political participation.

EIU conducted its survey on 167 countries. Among these 167 countries, 20 countries have been named as democratic ones. 55 countries have been labeled as democratic with errors. 39 countries have been named hybrid regimes and 53 countries have been branded as autocratic ones.

According to EIU, hybrid regimes have the following characteristics. A) Irregularities and impediments during elections B) Government's pressure on opposition parties and candidates C) Much weakness in participatory politics D) Corruption in every sector and inefficient rule of law E) Journalists always face harassment and judicial system is not independent.

EIU has reported that Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan are hybrid regimes while Afghanistan is an autocratic state.

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