Published:  12:35 AM, 07 February 2019

Environment and greenery

The need for creating greeneries for protecting the environment is beyond question. It can be said unequivocally that environment without trees is like a human without limbs. The sight the landscape being painted green with the thick growth of trees with branches in full bloom does not only sooth the eyes of the beholders.

Trees also play important role in maintaining the needed ecological balance and growth of flora and fauna. Tree roots hold the top soil and protect it from erosion during heavy rainfall. Local and migratory birds find shelter on tree branches and build nests to breed and hatch offspring.

Rural people use wood obtained from big and mature trees to build homes. Urban houses also use furniture made from wood. But there has to be a limit to the number of trees to be felled every year for this purpose. Here the importance of planting new saplings all the year round comes to play a major role in saving the forests.

It has been estimated by environmentalists that forests should cover 25 percent of a country's land area. This is the minimum requirement for maintaining the temperature, soil moisture, rainfall, ecological balance and oxygen level for the humans and animals that live in the land.

If the land is denuded of trees the top soil will soon dry up and turn into dust and it will become unfit for agriculture. Scientists are of the opinion that many of the desserts were once filled with lush green foliage and tall trees but, over the years, as trees disappeared, the land turned into arid desserts.         

If we talk about our country in particular, only about 7 percent of Bangladesh's land is covered by trees. Unbridled growth of population has led to withering away of the thick forests that used to maintain the environmental balance of this land for long. People cut down and are still cutting down trees rampantly to find land for digging ponds, doing agriculture and building houses.

The once renowned forests like the Bhawal Shal forest, Modhupur forest, Lauwachhara forest etc are now about 25 percent of what they used to be in the past. With the shrinking of forests a large variety of animals are also gone from this land.

However, if we want to give our future generation a healthy environment where they will be able to live happily in good health we will have to preserve these forests from destruction at any cost. Besides, we all will have to work concertedly to plant trees in larger quantities.

In this respect waging a social movement for afforestation is of enormous importance at this moment. We have to bear in mind that if urbanization is not done maintaining proper harmony with nature the environment will go into further peril.

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