Published:  12:40 AM, 07 February 2019

Protection of children in India

Protection of children in India

Children in India need tremendous protection all around the country. As per statistics goes by we find that there are approximately 39% of the children prevailing all around the country whereas 29% belong to the age group from 0-5 years of age. In India what is most intriguing is that creamy layers of Indian populace are having cosy lives along with children but chunk of Indian populations are not in a position to provide meals to families and education to their children. In this regard severe population pressures and illiteracy are chiefly responsible for it.

Those children having been born in a well-off family do get proper education as well as inheriting of basic moral and social values from their revered parents. Those dwelling in streets are badly deprived in receiving basic education and moral values. This is nothing but gross example of illiteracy along with lack of social awareness. In this regard our political fraternities along with our social parasites are fully responsible for it.

Apart from the above we do evince that sometimes there are some parents in India and South Asian who do have the tendency to possess harsh temperament upon their children. This is not at all called for rather it paves the way for deleteriousness in the life of child's upbringing in life. In India a pious soul by the name of Kailash Satyarthi is performing grand job in the task of protecting the children of India from utter abysmal state of affairs.

As per the quantity of street children in India is concerned a debate might generate among my online readers of Bangladesh and India. Still despite all the odds we find there are approximately 18 million street children based in different parts of the country but person of a stature of Dr Kailash Satyarthi is playing pivotal roles to steer out the affected children from the state of utter deprivation to a state of supreme benevolence.

This is no doubt a noble temperament on the part of Dr Satyarthi along with similar job at Pakistan by a 18 year old Pakistani national based in UK. Thus in the subsequent paragraph we find explore deeply about how to protect children of India to a state of utmost happiness in life all around the country.
How to protect children of India?

Protection to children in India is accorded on various factors, such as civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights.

Apart from the above factors it is well known to us that parents and teachers have to play pivotal roles to protect the children of India in her 29 states and 9 union territories to golden heights in life. Also the roles of various Non-Governmental Organisations of India are no less lagging behind in this regard.

As already stated in the beginning Dr Kailash Satyatharti (once upon a teacher now a prolific social activist now Nobel Laureate) is donning a remarkable role for the up gradation of Indian children towards the pinnacle of glory and success. It is heartening to note that he has achieved remarkable success in the field. Also noted vocalist of the Sub Continent Professor Rezwana Chowdhury is also no way lagging behind in the field through her 'Shurer Dhara' institution of repute.

Institutions of India who always protect children in different parts of India:
There are various institutions available in India, who are entrusted with the task of protecting the children. But among all National Commission of Protection of Child Rights is the prime institution of such all over India. In this regard, basic problem which we face like that of mass illiteracy and financial constraints on account of which there many parents of such who are unable to provide qualitative education to the respective wards.

That is why apart from the above stated social organisation we find various Non-governmental organisations are playing pivotal roles in this regard. But still role by Kailash Satyarthi through his organisation Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Save children), Good Weave International etc.

It is well known to us that child of today is rated as the guardian of the future. That is why it should our humble task to groom and protect the children in such a manner that they are also involved in the task of developing the country to mercurial heights which might unimaginable to us once upon a time. Same trend should be followed about protection of children all over Bangladesh.

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contributor based in Kolkata

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