Published:  12:44 AM, 07 February 2019

Hands off both, Kabul and Caracas...please!

Hands off both, Kabul and Caracas...please!

Since the beginning of the (shameful) war in Afghanistan, the withdrawal of US and allied forces, had been a foregone conclusion. Historically, foreign invaders were doomed for failure in this land.

It proved to be the graveyard for marauding aggressors, who were never able to subdue the tribal people of Afghanistan. Today, a human tragedy is culminating in the victory of the Afghan people, who had fought with backs against the wall. They never really, had anywhere else to go!

There however, remains a question. Apparently, in the near future, are the restored 'Taliban' going to be made to promise not to allow Afghanistan to be turned into a base for the fanatic 'jihadis'.?

Well, good luck with that, but it would still, at least be an improvement on what had happened in Kosovo, Iraq or Libya, following the US involvement in those distant lands. Or, on the soil of Saudi Arabia, from where had come the inspiration of the attacks, made on 11th September 2001. Something happened that day, and changed our world for good!

Take the example of Sudan, the oil-rich country that is in the midst of a popular uprising, but this popular struggle, is not at all, seen or heard over the news.

A renowned geologist, Elliott Abrams, has opined Sudan to be an oil-rich country. Unfortunately, it is trapped in the midst of a popular uprising and this now, all over the news. And presently, Sudan is very much under the benign gaze of the people who brought peace and order to Kosovo, to Afghanistan, to Iraq, and to Libya.

Oh, yes, they did not in any way bring Islamist terrorism, or rampant lewdness (Afghanistan), or rampant people trafficking (Kosovo), or rampant heroin-trafficking (both Afghanistan and Kosovo), or open and public slave markets (Libya). May the Lord be praised,...that they did not!

I want to take my readers to United States, where the neoconservatives are perhaps engaged in simultaneously, conspiring to bring down the Trump Administration....particularly over claims about Russia. People have expected of the President to direct his policy of regime change, for the time being, in Venezuela. They have effectively taken over both parties, making meaningful electoral choice an illusion, if that mattered, at all.

Donald Trump's promise of a break with neo-conservatism has itself been broken, and far from withdrawing from NATO, he is lining up with Colombia, which is a candidate for NATO membership. And also with Brazil, which has now, expressed the desire to join the alliance. NATO already stands committed to the US, to defend Turkish Islamists as well as Eastern European neo-Nazis. To these, we may soon be adding Latin American military dictator (caudillos) Jones. Bottom line, the US needs to get the hell out of all this, before it gets them into Hell!

There is widespread, crippling hunger for action is evident, both in the United States and in the United Kingdom, but no one is suggesting. You see, no one is proposing to invade France, where dissent is currently being repressed more forcefully than in Venezuela.

Why is it that there exist no sanctions that, as in the case of Iraq, could starve even an oil-rich country into submission? This is the point, that is making a difference. The only exception, of course, is that even sanctioned into starving, Iraq did not submit. I do not feel that the likelihood, will ever result in starving Venezuela. What next? We all know what comes after that.

Trump is not at all a seasoned politician. He has been in politics for more than nine years, including the campaign that led up to his election. He has been in politics for quite some time, and those years are being counted in the autumn of his life!

He is a patriarch and a businessman, in that order, which is the correct order. He fulfils those roles in whatever capacity he happens to find himself, and his present capacity is, as the President of the United States.

And that, he seeks North Korea's coal so that his country may supply it to a dependent world deep into the twenty-second arrangement to which the people who run North Korea seem perfectly amenable, more, as a matter of principle.

But he also seeks Venezuela's oil, so that his successors might supply it to a dependent world, deep into the twenty-second century, an arrangement with which the people who run Venezuela, will have no hassles.
So the people who are currently ruling Venezuela are just going to have to go. And in order to make them go, this businessman and patriarch now has at his disposal the full resources of the Presidency of the United States.

It is indeed time to pick a side. On one side, as ever, will be most Democrats and almost all Republicans, while across the pond, most Labour MPs and almost all Conservatives. They could not have shown this to us on a map, which was Kosovo and which was Montenegro, which was Afghanistan and which was Pakistan, which was Iraq and which was Syria, which was Libya and which was Algeria, which was Syria and which was Iraq.

They could not now show you on a map which was Venezuela and which was Colombia. They pedaled, and they possibly even believed, any old rubbish about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, put about by the likes of Ahmed Chalabi. Remember, the great fortune hunter?

They are now pedaling, and they possibly even believe, any old rubbish about the privations in Venezuela, put about by startlingly similar characters. On the other side, as ever, will be a handful of commentators from the Ultra Right, together with the rather larger but still mostly ignored or derided Left, which of course has always included Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn has been right about Kosovo, right about Afghanistan, right about Iraq, right about Libya, and right about Syria, where at least his enemies were denied the chance to give catastrophic effect to their error. Why should he, and the others who have been right on all of those occasions, be wrong about Venezuela? Ron Paul, what do you have to say? Why should Ron Paul be wrong, and Mike Gapes be right?

Why should the people who have been wrong about Kosovo, which among other things is now the source of many of the illegal firearms, with which Britain has been flooded, be right about Venezuela? Why should the people who have been wrong about Afghanistan, where the complete surrender that has always been inevitable, is now only days or even hours away, be right about Venezuela? Why should the people who have been wrong about Iraq, be right about Venezuela???

Why should the people who have been wrong about Libya, be right about Venezuela? And why should the people who have been wrong about Syria, be right about Venezuela?

And, now back to Caracas. A low-level legislator from one of the least populous parts of Venezuela, the 35-year-old Juan Guaidó was educated in Washington DC, before spending the whole of the intervening period inside the American regime-change factory, of which he is an immediately recognizable product.

Imagine that Russia or China unilaterally recognized as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.....a 35-year-old low-level legislator from one of the least populous parts of the United Kingdom, who had been educated in Moscow or Beijing before spending the whole of the intervening period, inside the Russian or Chinese regime-change factory. If that factory does not already exist, then it very soon, will do so!

And they will do so, to enable Donald Trump's descendants who might control Venezuela's oilfields, deep into the twenty-second century. And, future Board member John Bolton has, as good as said that, several times. We may look forward to an imminent intervention in support of the 'moderate rebels', of the 'Free Venezuelan Army' or something like that!

As surely as the 'moderate rebels' of the 'Free Syrian Army', were in fact the so-called Islamic State. Which, in turn was in fact, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So my dear readers, the moderate rebels of 'the Free Venezuelan Army' will in fact be textbook examples of Latin American Fascism, properly so called, which in its present form is of course evident in the Brazil of Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolton and Bolsonaro just love social democrats. Bolton seems to have appeared with a Cold War style map, showing the countries that have recognized Guaidó in blue, and those which have not done so in red. Most Labour MPs and almost all Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats are of that same, downright (evil?) frame of mind.

Another hung Parliament is coming, however, and we need people to hold the balance of power in it! Good luck, fortune hunters!

The writer is a former educator based in Chicago

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