Published:  12:20 AM, 11 February 2019

Youths take bicycles as means of livelihood

Youths take bicycles as means of livelihood Bicycle, the only means of livelihood to many youths in Naogaon. They are carrying bricks to local buyers. -Lokman Ali

There was a time when bicycles were popular and even marked aristocracy as only the rich were able to have these two wheelers. It was also given as dowry during weddings in villages. Some youths have taken his bicycles as a mean for livelihood in Naogaon.

With the passage of time, usage of bicycles has been replaced by motorcycles. Nowadays, people usually spend their leisure riding it but there are some whose only means of earning is by transporting bricks and other goods to faraway villages using these.

Such a scene can often be seen at Bandarkhara Bazar of Naogaon, a place well known for its high-low roads. However, locals believe that bicycle is fit for transporting goods, especially bricks from the kiln situated near the area. With the price going down during peak season of brick making, these bicycle workers get a chance to earn money.

Currently a team of seven youths uses this transport method to earn a living all throughout the year. They have two sacks on both side used for carrying 80-90 bricks each day. As the kiln is on low ground, they help each other out during elevation of high grounds and deliver the bricks together.

One worker, Zakir Hossain from Hamidpur says, they depend on their cycles for livelihood. Most days they earn around Tk 1000 for delivering 1000 pieces of bricks. However, the payment also depends of distance. If the delivery place is within 2km, they charge Tk 600-700.

Workers Entaz Hossain, Sumon and Faruk Hossain said, we transport about 80-90 bricks weighing around 8-9 mounds each day and also transport rice, cement sacks and other goods when the brick season is at a low. Doing this, we are able to earn about Tk 300-400 each day.

---Lokman Ali, Noagaon

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