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School life

School life

From the day the world was a clearer view to me and I began seeing the blurred colors of mankind around me, I had set a strong belief in me. Youth was to be spent wisely. I began by treasuring each moment spent with my beloved ones; for there was a brutal lesson my mother had taught me. It was to treasure what I had, and always keep in mind that life would never hand it over to me.

I had always known the massive differences between joys; there could've never been only one way to gain happiness in the young days; and it always matters on how we think of ourselves.

School was probably the only place it all begins for most people. Now, thinking of 'school' the mere vision of friends and teachers and playgrounds are easily visible. Every student has morning routine during school days; some can barely keep up with their everyday routine, only a few think of skipping classes for their foolish desire to hold on to their lazy dreams. It all depends on how each student views their studies and school itself.

Heading school,  you usually get in class the earliest claiming your seat and saving the ones beside you for your buddies or end up getting all the attention arriving late; rather for me it's most common to arrive panting and asking if we had homework for the day (optional) and the actions taken next would depend on the answers.

Of course school is mainly an institute for proper education and for proper adaptation of well behaviors. However it is never as easy for the authorities to contribute to each of them present. Studies are probably the most unwilling things most student are bound to do. A school without study could be hell without its king and pets.

Choices and decisions always matter in each step we take in studies. And I as a victim haveearned a really hard lesson from time itself; keeping stuff at the end of everything, thinking that we will cover it up later, can literally be counted as the worst decision possible throughout school life. And just like that, with all different groups and personalities the preciously decorated 'school life' begins being around friends and the entire enjoyable journey from each grade to another.

Usually what parents expect from their children being a student in their school are excellence and better improvement in every step of life as long as they are admitted there. Some fail to see through their children's weakness and keep pushing until they lose all interest. Some encourage them to do well; and some are blessed with the perfect child and keep pushing them until they are 'polished' enough.  I have seen perfect examples of such. And I seemingly am the encouraged one.

School is definitely something that teaches every young kid that time never stops nor returns; what's been done and said can never be undone. And that, sometimes, leaves the worst of stains; or leaves a sweet scent and memory so priceless even thinking of it countless times would never count as a waste. The road to education is never smooth enough for everyone. Ups and downs always find a way into our paths to either stop us, fail us or challenge us. And it all depends on our will to carry on, whichever way seems fit to us.

However, my stories aside, the main goal of each student should never be only enjoying youth; even if it were a thing to live with joy. Dropping the efforts of our teachers would only grow in guilt for the times we were deaf to their scolding; deaf to their warnings. Aside teachers, the endless efforts and our parent's expectations from us should never be overlooked.

They might be asking too much from us, our relation may not be as strong as it should be; but as their children it is a top priority and an important duty blessed on us, that we open up to them about how much we can push to our limits; what we truly desire of life; the true decoration of our future.

Thinking of the days when I used to believe that I was nothing special and had no talent at all, I now strongly believe that every child is special, in their own way. And school life is always an opener for it. School is just another small world; with everything different from our bubbles of imaginations. We grow walking on the path we choose; we make a path for ourselves.

Our school lives willsomeday be heavy memories with no one familiar enough with it. It's adventurous.And by that, it's not always a lively journey with friends and families; it's rough, awfully tough to overcome at times; and some days could just be cruel enough to break us.

In school, we'd spent each moment laughing and laughing; laughing away all the heavy burdens we were to carry soon in life. And those young colored days reminds me of the marigolds to this day; how they jangled about without hesitation; shone and spread their petals open to whatever the little nature was to offer them. And they too, seemingly, showed me the same thing. They enjoyed what they had instead of waiting for the better.

Overall, school isn't a simple play or a decent heroic adventure where all ends with happiness. Schools are forever a place bound for learning; it teaches us of life; opens one's eyes to how the world works; how our hearts aren't always a piece of pie to share with everyone that we leave none for the ones who truly deserve them; for that pie is priceless and never coming too soon once tasted and not appreciated.

For a basic that I learned about both life and school life, is that we are bound to change throughout our tour there. For me, school has always been a great part of life. And all depends on our mixed minds; of how me view it and spend it all.

For all my time, I have believed life isn't to be wasted; youth isn't to groove into the darkness; joy isn't to be stopped and sorrow isn't to be held. And school life has probably taught me most of it; made me realize that would've been the best time of my life.

The writer is a student of class seven,
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---Nawfa Nanziba Omama

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