Published:  12:00 AM, 12 October 2015

Has nail art trend gone too far?

Has nail art trend gone too far?
Just when you think that the nail industry has created every
type of nail polish finish and there are no more ways people can
think of to draw cats on their nails, there is some new nail art
trend that sends nail lovers everywhere running to try a new
manicure. Think back before the nail art magazines,
blogs and hash tagged photos. Remember
the dark days of the nail industry when
there weren't a variety of different top
coats? You had glitter and that was it.
Everyone would have assumed "Minx" was a
new type of animal and if you were a manicure
lover, your nail kit consisted of nail polish,
an orange stick, and a buffer and nail polish
remover. No one had nail art supplies to
rival an artist's kit, not even the manicurists.
We've come a long way since then. Painting
your fingers one color is almost considered boring,
even though you could practically choose any
Pantone color and there would be a nail polish for
it. There are new nail shapes, charms, appliques,
wraps and then there all of the things that aren't
technically meant for your nails but people
stick them on there anyways.
Just recently, aquarium
nail art and the
bubble nail shape captured
the attention of
nail addicts everywhere
on the internet, although
sometimes it wasn't for the I
right reasons. Bubble, or
hump nails as they're sometimes
called, received a lot of
"WTF" responses, even from
manicure lovers and had some
people, including me, wondering
has, "Has our nail art obses-
sion gone too far?"
Have we reached a point where people are
more concerned with trying to come up with
the craziest things to do on their nails that
they have forgotten that nail art is supposed
to be a fun and pretty way to draw attention
to your digits? Remember the
minimalist nail designs?
When you do a quick
'Pinterest' search for nail art
inspiration, a lot of the time
it feels like the intention was
coming up with the most
over-the-top, look-at-me
design as opposed to creating
a cute and flattering
design that shows your
love of fruit/
Sometimes there is so
much stuff going on,
you don't even think
_ , there's actual finger-
I nails below the decorations.
The natural nail trend is
something that has been appearing a lot at
different fashion weeks. It's the antithesis of elaborate
nail art. Sometimes there wasn't any nail polish used and
all models' nails got was a quick buff. Other times, manicurists
opted for a lick of a neutral polish. The nude nail trend is a
refreshing change compared to all of the characters and charms
we've been seeing. Nail art will probably never disappear completely
(and most of us don't want it to) but perhaps the natural
nail trend will inspire people to really take a look at their nail art
and try to find a mix of being eye-catching and flattering. Nails
are a great canvas but that doesn't mean we need to decorate
them with as many sculptures as we can fit onto them.
The old adage about how more isn't always better can be
applied to manicures too. We can save the elaborate fake nails
shaped like waves with fish charms dangling off them for the
extreme nail art blogs (because those will always be around) and
we can focus on creating great nails with a bit o f polish, some
brushes and maybe a jewel or two. Just think of all the time you'll
save. And you won't have to be constantly on the lookout for
things your nails will get caught on.

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