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BD India's vibrant partner

BD India's vibrant partner Dr. Samir Saran

The notion of  Indo Pacific realm is a larger issue, in which geographic issues as well as maritime security, but not  a directed against any state, and India needs partners, together with the cooperation of neighbouring countries, to move forward it properly.

Bangladesh is considered one of the most important cross boarder countries; as a result, it is a vibrant one to India. The regional and bilateral relationship under a new concept of diplomacy to get privileges from regional countries is very crucial in the decade to come.

At the same, China in the east Asia is getting competent by showing its remarkable innovation and playing pragmatic role in the context of world politics and trade in collaboration with world leaders as well as making negotiations globally.

Under such circumstances, Bangla-desh prefers to maintain strategic balance with India and China. But the question of maintaining balance regarding the China's mega project named Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) at a cost of $1 trillion with a bid to construct roads and shipping lines through countries in Europe, Asia and Africa is considered important. Bangladesh is interested to play role in the project.

When asked about the strategic option of Bangladesh, The Observer Research Found-ation, India President Dr. Samir Saran has said that the mega project initiated by China is not supposed to be multilateral subject, it is a project of China alone. Bangladesh has the right as a sovereign country to get benefit from diplomatic and bilateral relations. It is the option of Bangladesh whether it stays with China or not in this regard.

According to the academics from Bangladesh, the countries to be engaged with BRI are also concerned about financial issues. As China offers the mega project partners have to provide corridores. But finally China will not do it for free, but give its partners loans on easy terms.

India from the beginning is opposing the China's BRI project. Pakistan, Nepal, Shrilanka and Bangladesh more or less are interested to take part in it. Bangladesh has sensitivity for India, not for China.

For example, in the construction of Pyra port both Indian and Chinese companies are working together under an umbrella project. Even Bangladesh purchased submarines for the navy from China and signed defense deals with India.

Regarding this, Indian think tank Dr. Saran said Bangladesh as a sovereign country has the right to make multilateral relationship with countries in the world and no country should interfere in the affairs of any independent country.

About the bilateral relation between India  and Bangladesh, Dr. Saran said Bangladesh has every right to be benefitted from diplomatic and bilateral cooperation and to take strategic option in order to heighten relationship. In order to be benefited and to keep mutual relations, India needs partners to move forward. In this case, Bangladesh is considered a vibrant one in the decade to come.

Indian think tank Dr. Samir Saran, president of Observer Research Foundation (ORF), has made such observations in his public lecture on India, Bangladesh and Indo-Pacific and to questions from academics, ambassadors, high commissioners, politicians, business magnets, journalists and other professionals present on the occasion organized by the Center for Governance Studies (CGS) yesterday at Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS) auditorium in Dhaka.

The audiences, participated in question, were former ambassador Md. Shafullah, Professor Dilara Chowdhury, former ambassador Enam Ahmed Chowdhury, former ambassador Foyej Ahmed, Barrister Shamin Haider Patwari-MP, ambassador Nasima Ferdaus, journalist Humayun Kabir Bhuiyan, Barrister Fatema, Lecturer Mujahidul Islam, and other professionals.

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