Published:  12:24 AM, 16 April 2019

Western democracies losing to their weaknesses of discord!

Western democracies losing to their weaknesses of discord!

For nearly three years, super power United States, has remained caged in 'Russiagate'--a bluff perhaps, created by the US military-industrial complex, in order to prevent President Trump from normalizing relations with Russia. Obviously, it had been felt that normalized relations would devalue the scope of the 'Russian Threat', an interpretation, that likely protects the thousand billion dollars, annual budget of the above referred, complex.

To many of us, the Democratic Party, which most certainly appeared to be less than democratic, has supported the hoax, perhaps hoping to do Trump in--for their own reasons. And, have willingly, pulled the prestigious media into another conspiracy, against Donald Trump.

The recent Mueller's report has exposed the allegations to be all lies, including all the assurances from the Establishment, that Trump was a traitor to America, who had conspired with Russian President Putin to steal the 2016 election from the nicknamed 'killer-bitch', in order that America could serve Russian interests. American attention is now free to take up some other seemingly, nonsensical campaign. The succession of these events, is really destroying America's global prestige.

True, some of the most demented of the Democrats and the media, cannot let go of Russiagate. The press continue to say that a President would be impeached for his non-crime, except that the unworthy Democrats had rather go back to the business of spending other people's money.

A raving professor or two have to the extent of declaring that Mueller was part of the 'Trump coverup', and that Mueller definitely, needed to be investigated. But these claims simply underline that the United States has only wasted the last three years of its existence.

Meanwhile, other countries have moved on. Russians, for example, discovered that Washington's sanctions had a silver lining. Russia became more self-sufficient economically, and moved out of the box, of being an exporter of raw materials to the West. This had been a box into which the Americans and its American-influenced, Russian economics profession, had put the Russian government into! Believe it!

The fulminations and threats from Washington against Russia brought forth new Russian weapon systems, for which the US has less than its match or defense, weapons that may have demoted the US to a second-rate, military power.
On an adjusted basis, China now has the world's largest economy and has increasingly ignored Washington's blustering. As does Iran.

Sometime ago, even Venezuela stood up to Washington. The has lead the world to conclude that Washington is not the power, that the world thought, it was!Washington's abuse of its reserve currency role and violations of international law, have encouraged a movement, away from the use of the dollar in international transactions. This is perhaps even a more serious threat to Washington's power, than Russia's superior military capabilities.

Former President, Franklin D. Roosevelt was happy to see the End of World War II because he understood that it would leave Britain bankrupt, and without an empire. Roosevelt has also comprehended that this loss would be America's gain, because the US would take over the global reserve-currency role. The reason why this is important, is that the reserve currency country, can pay its bills simply by printing money. Obviously, for this reason, the government has avoided feeling the budget constraints.

For a country as indebted as America, to lose this role, would be a crushing blow. It is this blow that Washington faces as a result of its unwise policy of sanctions and disrespect of international law.And then, there was another blow. Just as the Roman Empire fell to invaders who crossed the frontiers of the empire, so is Washington's empire crumbling(?). Europe, the crown jewel of the empire, is now overrun with millions of unassimilable peoples, to the extent that Europe is no longer European.

Has the President of the US, so far been powerless to defend the borders of the United States? Indeed, the Democratic Party and the press media are reportedly opposed to any defense of American borders. Why does a government unwilling to defend its borders, spend thousand billion dollars annually on defense?

The so called, American Neoconservative Zionists, who have been known to control US foreign policy in Israel's interest since the Clinton regime, continue to operate, as if the Americans still lived in a unipolar world. For some reason the National Security Advisor to President Trump has relied on distracted sources of information. He speaks, as if he rules the world, but even Washington's European vassals could not go along with Trump's gift of the 'Syrian Golan Heights' to Israel.

As for the moral authority.....after Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yeman, Ukraine, Honduras, and now Venezuela, is it not a fact that all moral authority has vacated from the West?Washington is not only losing its economic and military presence, but also its soft power that had rested in Washington's propaganda about making the world safe for democracy.

This form of governance is not even safe in the United States as Democrats and the press institutions have done their best to overturn democracy, and to drive the elected president from office, which is precisely what the present US Administration is trying to do, in Venezuela.All of the vicious propaganda that have portrayed the West, as God's gift to humanity have fallen away as the result of Washington's irresponsible use of power, leaving the West morally, bare of their clothes!

Do we care if our world no longer thinks that the West is something to look up to, and to emulate? Instead, the world sees the west as a great evil, in the words of Matt Taibbi, 'a great vampire squid, wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money'.

A great promise was betrayed by those trusted with this. A government accountable to law and to the people requires a united people, not a visible disunity, created by way of multiculturalism and Identity Politics. With the indigenous ethnic base of all of the Western countries under attack as 'white supremacists', the West, can no longer defend its culture from the immigrants who do not share culture, in their newly adopted land.

The tension between an indigenous culture and imported cultures can be seen also replicated, in the tensions that have continued, between Hungary and the EU, and Italy and the EU. Hungary has refused to accept its quota of non-European immigrants, and faces punishment by the EU. In Italy the government is in the hands of a coalition of leftwing and rightwing parties, that are united in their opposition to the EU and non-European immigration.

In Europe the situation is one in which the EU government, as well as the governments of member states such as France and Germany, have taken the side of immigrants against the indigenous people. In other words, the governments of Europe are not committed to their own cultures. This is the unmistakable sign of a dying culture.

In the United States there is seemingly, so much disunity that, perhaps to call the states united, is a miscarriage of justice. Hillary voters have largely disliked Trump voters, and vice versa. The press and media and universities, combined together are uniformly anti-white.Historically, countries that are devoid of national unity, lack in their core strength. Consequently, the Western world, appears to be losing its grip of leadership of the world.

Of course, the rest of the world also suffers from disunity. Look at the ongoing conflicts inside the Islamic factions.... the war between the Sunnis and the Shiites, who simply cannot unite, with the consequence that the Muslim world is weaker than ever before. The tribes in Africa cannot unite. India and Pakistan stay at each other's throats. Animosities have historically existed among Asians.

Russia is a federation. China has a Muslim province. But the disunities here, are different from those in the West. Japan and China have differences but the population of Japan is homogeneous and China largely is also homogeneous. Arabs are Arabs, whether Sunni or Shiite. The Russian Federation is the remains of an old empire, largely assimilated, and certainly not the result of recent immigrations.

The consequences of disunity perhaps have isolated or excluded, any leadership. But the collapse of the West, into diversity and multiculturalism, definitely means that Western leadership has been lost to the weaknesses of disunity. Perhaps yes, and perhaps no. You be the best judge!

The writer is a former educator based in Chicago

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