Published:  01:17 AM, 10 May 2019

Teen Depression: How much concern do we have?

Teen Depression: How much concern do we have?

Nowadays we just ignore the fact whether our irritated and unhappy adolescents might experience the depression which is intensifying feelings of ugliness, shame , failure and unworthiness. Teen depression appears to be on the rise equally among our urban, suburban and rural community. Also the question arises is the young generation of these days more fragile than previous generations?

Mood disorder is simply a part of normal human development. Teens and those around them don't acknowledge such warning symptoms before it's too late. Due to hormonal changes at puberty, societal pressures regarding appearance teenagers become vulnerable. Though initiatives have been taken, majority of the people still tend to avoid such issues.

Society even parents rebuke them or give them 'spoilt' tag but do not wish to see story behind the scenes . No doubt social media and cyber bullying playing a major part in these behavioral changes with the added pressures of comparing their lives to others online. Suicidal issues, loneliness, comparison from every angle -it is crystal clear that the reason behind all these is depression and not getting pschycological support they require .

Academic, social status, pressure to be judgemented well from all perspective in short to prove themselves the best make them frustrated or feel defeated. In this case teens should learn the way of self medicating their emotions. For this it is high time we forget our competitive approach in every sector for some time.

Competition can sharpen one but at the same time we cannot arrange a brain battle over pretty issues. An artwork itself is complete when there's some void similarly life will be much easier for teens if they can get some own space.

The writer is a student of Bangladesh University of Engineering &
Technology (BUET)

-Farsia Kawsar Chowdhury

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