Published:  01:08 AM, 11 May 2019

"Sadhin Nari" and women's empowerment

Ashik  Al Mamun

"Nations that invest in women's employment, health and education are just more likely to have better outcomes."- Hillary Clinton (women in the world, 2012)

We named our organization "Sadhin Nari" so that we can give freedom to the women of our country.That will make them economically self-dependent and they won't face problems and fulfill their own desires. Our slogan "Narir Atto nirbhor shilota, ene dibe orthonoitik sofolota" will bring economic success in general.

The participation of women in the economy of Bangladesh is not very much.The contribution of women in GDP is 30%.We want women's participation in the economy of Bangladesh. So, women can make their own financial field.

In our society, one thing is appeared that a woman in a family works all day. Then she will be dominated by her family members. If women can contribute in economical issues of her family, she won't be dominated. On the other hand, many women want to be something by handling their own family, but can't do anything for their own children. They can do anything in their free time. Not only a woman, but also a girl in college or university can create an income source. All these things will be done by the "Sadhin Nari" platform for all women in Bangladesh.

"Sadhin Nari" will work to create equality in the society through skill and employment development. Our purpose is to create women's income opportunities by creating a specific platform on the internet. That's why we are doing a website. The website has been named "Sadhin Nari".

Our target is to create an online marketplace for women where they can sell their products or services with a minimum commission.We have already been 2nd runner-up in HULT PRIZE by giving our idea. We start our activities at Lalmonirhat. By 2022, we want to start our activities in whole districts of our country. We also want to create opportunities for women's employment. 

"Sadhin Nari" will take all the responsibilities for selling and marketing of their products. The customers of here are female and male also. That means a women can manage the business from their convenient place. The mother or sister of village can make a pickle or a good hand work that they will be able to sell her "Pickle" or "Kantha". That's why we will help them with business and internet related issues. There will be an option in addition to the job. Where the women who are registered in "Sadhin Nari" will be able to earn.

Our goal is not only limited to you. We will work in both online and offline. The first time we want to create awareness that one can be self-reliant by using her free time. We will give importance to the heritage of nakshi kantha, jamdani saree, handloom sarees, sataranji etc. Thinking of a good career of women in the future, we have planned a lot that will be implemented by the "Sadhin Nari".

Our objectives are:

1.    Focusing on women employment.

2.    Women contribution in national GDP through the earning sectors.

3.    Whatever skills they need we'll provide.

4.    Even Remote Village women will be able to overcome economic obstacles. 

5.    Incrementing job sector.

Providing Differentiation:

*    We are working on the self-establishment of women.

*    We are introducing talented rural and crafty women to the modern world.

*    We are using the marketplace to buy or sell products and services easily.

*    We have an "easy to use" website for women for career building through provided online jobs or through buying/selling of their own products.

*    Making communication easier between Buyer & seller

What we have on one side is employment & on the other side we have willing women. We want to build that bridge.

The writer is a Founder, Sadhin Nari

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