Published:  12:00 AM, 12 May 2019

Diner Sheshe(12.05.2019)

Diner Sheshe(12.05.2019)

"I have been homeless for 1 month now. I come from a very affluent family in Goa but both my parents passed away, so I have no one anymore. I came here to Mumbai to chase my dreams of becoming a musician, before that I was a chef in Goa but I wasn't really happy with my job. For me Mumbai was a ray of hope, a new beginning, but little did I know it would be my worst nightmare.

I had about 7-8 lakhs of rupees when I moved to Mumbai, I lived on rent and kept trying to find jobs until one day I ran out of all my savings. I had to sell all my possessions including my mobile phones and jewelry to survive. I didn't have any friends or family to help me. It reached a point where I was left with absolutely nothing. I didn't have money to feed myself, I didn't have a roof over my head anymore and neither did I have a plan B.

Through this hellish period I have met a few people who have helped me in small ways. I remember I was starving of hunger and wanted to find a Gurudwara so I could eat at the 'Langar'. I was wandering on the street asking for a lift when this man stopped.

He asked me about my situation and why I was on the streets - when I told him everything, he dropped me to his friends' restaurant where I was told to order anything I wanted and eat to my heart's content!  This other time I wanted to go seek the help of someone I knew but I didn't have any money to travel. This little girl, who herself was selling tissues on the street came up to me and asked me if  I have met angels who've got me through this tough time but it's still a horrible struggle.

I'm trying to fend for myself, I'm trying to find a job but I have no means of contacting anybody. I have no way to start afresh - I'm stuck in a rut here and there's nothing I can do. I knew I'd have to pay a price to achieve my dreams, but I never knew that it'd so big and so cruel."

Humans of Bombay, Fb

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