Published:  12:21 AM, 13 May 2019

At the doorstep of unveiling the mystery of creation of planets

At the doorstep of unveiling the mystery of creation of planets

A research has been published in 'Astronomy and Astrophysics', a famous European research journal on astronomical science and astrophysics on 22 March 2019.

The title of the report was as "Jupiter has moved closer to sun". The research has been conducted by a group of researchers from the Lund University of Sweden. On behalf of us, some ideas have been added to the following information which is extracts from the information available in the original report.

Researchers claimed, during its inception, the planet Jupiter was not as big as it is right at this time. It was smaller than or equal to the planet earth. Amassing celestial dust particles, it has gradually grown bigger in size.

"These dust particles are nothing but the particles transformed into materials from the light-energy ceaselessly emitted from the sun. This is explicable by Einstein's formulae E = mc2. That is the transformation of light-energy into materials which are termed as celestial dust particles or solar particles. These transformed asteroids are getting relentlessly attached to the Jupiter."

Researchers said, due to the gravitational force of the rotating gas-circle in the sun, the planet has reduced its distance from and the radius of its orbit."It will actually not be 'the gravitational force of the rotating gas-circle in the sun'. Instead, it will be- the gravitational force of the rotating gas-circle around the sun."

They told, the planet Jupiter has got four times closer to the sun from its previous distance."This statement in inconceivable which means there is a mistake in the expression of this statement. The reason lying behind Jupiter's getting closer to the sun is Jupiter's increased attraction towards the sun due to the enlargement of Jupiter which is explicable with Fg = GMm/r2 , the Newton's formulae of gravitation."

Researchers claimed, the innumerable asteroids lying between the Mars and Jupiter in the solar system are called the asteroid belt. There are asteroids in the orbit of Jupiter too.

These have been termed as the Trojan asteroids. Trojan asteroids are divided in two parts. One of them rotates around the sun in front of Jupiter and the other rotates around the sun from behind. There exist 50 percent more asteroids in the adjacent part with respect to the asteroids at the back. Symmetry is found in the solar system. So, the scientists claim, there were equal asteroids in both the parts of the Trojan.

"With the term 'the solar system', we mean the area that is sprawled by the solar light. And the clear concept about the asteroids is that they are existing around the whole solar system. The reason behind the difference of asteroids' existence at the back and front of the Jupiter that has been mentioned above in the information of the research is that due to the presence of direct sunlight in the front part, the reproduction of asteroids there is going on.

But due to the unavailability of sunlight at the back, asteroids cannot be constructed afresh although the attraction of the Jupiter towards the asteroids in both sides is equal. This asteroid belt is incessantly being attached to Jupiter. That is why the number of asteroids at the back part is lower."

"A mathematical explanation on the existence of 50% more asteroids at the front part can be introduced. As for instance- the asteroids constructed around the Jupiter from the sunlight are attracted into the Jupiter in its single rotation. That is the duration needed for this attraction process is the duration of a single rotation by the Jupiter. Unless the Jupiter could attract the asteroids into itself, then their accumulation would have created clouds around the Jupiter."

"Researchers are telling that the Jupiter grew bigger amassing celestial dust particles. We find the clue to the mystery of the creation of planets from that. Due to beaming of sunlight, charge is created in the dust particles or the object particles facing towards the sun. But no charge is created in the object particles behind Jupiter due to the absence of sunlight there.

These object particles which are charged are creating an electromagnetic field. As a result, by an electric explosion occurred to the chargeless particles, a new element is produced which is larger than the asteroids in size. These particles larger in size grow much larger attracting the asteroids around them. This is exactly how the formation process of a new planet commences. This game in the solar system is continuing in a persistent speed."

"Discussing the research information of the published report, it may be said that at a stage, the Jupiter will disappear into the sun which will result into the increase of energy in the sun. Consequently, the prevailing concept that the sun, at a stage will lose its power to emit light becomes invalid. The sun will recover the loss of power occurring to it through emission of light every moment."

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