Published:  12:25 AM, 17 May 2019

Silencing a people's hero, Julian Assange

Silencing a people's hero, Julian Assange

Julian Assange is a people's hero in the 21st century world, which is becoming more and more like a prison and a death bed for millions of the innocent working people in the developed and developing countries. The 21st century world, foreseen by George Orwell in 1949 and pictured in his famous novel '1984', is ruled by the 'thought' police dictated by Big Brother.

A few days ago the London Metropolitan Police dragged Assange out of the Ecuadorean Embassy in London where he took refuge to save himself from being extradited to the USA for his so-called crime of exposing all the falsehood behind the Iraq and Afghan wars.

Big Brother has found it important to silence Assange because of his thought crime of sitting in a small room before a computer monitor with internet connection and publishing government secrets regarding elections and wars. The leaked secrets embarrassed governments and politicians and put into danger the existing framework of ruling across the globe.

Both the Democratic and Republican politicians in the USA are celebrating the arrest of Julian Assange. During the presidential election campaign Donald Trump declared, "WikiLeaks, I love WikiLeaks." It is a well-known fact that WikiLeaks has helped him get elected.

Dermocrats loathe him because when the video of Trump boasting of grabbing women's genitals damaged his election campaign, the leaking of Hillary's emails came as a blessing for him. WikiLeaks exposed how the Democratic establishment killed Sanders' campaign denying him the presidential nomination which he deserved more than Hillary.          

 However, much Trump was fond of WikiLeaks, he also needs to put its founder behind bars because, he needs to oil his war machine to divert people's attention from his Russian backing in the election victory. Assange is dangerous for every government who wants to hide something important from public view.

Mike Pompeo, former CIA director and now Trump's secretary of state, has, therefore, calls WikiLeaks a "a non-state hostile intelligence service". About this naming of Wikileaks, Yanis Varoufakis, former finance minister of Greece, wrote, "That is exactly right. But it is an equally accurate description of what every self-respecting news outlet ought to be."

Varoufakis wrote on Project Syndicate (First They Came for Assange, Apr 16, 2019), "As a teenager reading George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, I, too, was troubled by the prospect of a high-tech surveillance state and its likely effect on human relations. Assange's early writings - particularly his idea of using states' own technology to create a huge digital mirror that could show everyone what they were up to - filled me with hope that we might collectively defeat Big Brother."

People's hero in this fight against Big Brother has now been arrested. BB is embarrassed because Assange has exposed all the hypocrisies of BB in the name of freedom and fight against terrorism. The process of carrying him to the den of Big Brother is under way and, once there, he is going to be silenced for ever. 

Assange's biggest crime(!) is to expose hypocrisies in America's war against Iraq and Afghanistan and prove their leaders war criminals before the eyes of world population. His leaked secrets are 90,000 reports about the Afghanistan war, 400,000 about the Iraq war and 800,000 about the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. He has to pay a price for this.

US soldier Chelsea Manning is paying the price through languishing in a prison for leaking out the secrets to Assange. Now it is Assange's turn. Raising old accusations against him of sexual misconduct against women is just a means to divert attention from the real issue.

People all over the world are protesting against Assange's arrest and Britain's attempt to extradite him to the USA to face trial. The Guardian (3 May 2019) has published a photo of a woman in New York holding up a poster that says, "Free Julian Assange, Jail the War Criminals." This is the call of all innocent common people on earth. Assange deserves reward, not punishment. Punsihment should be meted out to those British and American War Criminals whose crimes against humanity he has exposed unrelentingly.  

World-renowned author Noam Chomsky called the Assange arrest "scandalous". He told Democracy Now's Amy Goodman in an interview on April 12, "We've got to silence this voice. You go back to history. Some of you may recall when Mussolini's fascist government put Antonio Gramsci in jail. The prosecutor said, 'We have to silence this voice for 20 years. Can't let it speak.' That's Assange."     

Richard Rubenstein wrote, "Julian Assange is no saint, and neither was Martin Luther King.  They were very different personalities, to be sure.  But both put their 'lives, fortunes, and sacred honor' on the line in order to expose the inhumanity, violence, and lies of the powerful elites that rule the globe.  On the scale of human values, both ranked Truth and Justice well ahead of Obedience to Authority." And he stressed, "If you honor Martin, you must also honor Julian." (Julian and Martin: Reflections on the Arrest of Assange, CounterPunch, April 16, 2019)

No one fails to honour Antonio Gramsci and Martin Luther King, Jr. for their courage to embarrass the kings by speaking the truth. We must do the same for today's Gramsci and Martin-Julian Assange, the journalist who has become a people's hero in all its true sense-and call to free him and jail the criminals.

The writer is Executive Editor of SHIKKHALOK, a CDIP
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