Published:  01:33 AM, 31 May 2019

Hard work versus talent

Hard work versus talent

It's been more than a decade that I've been teaching Ordinary and Advanced Level Accounting to students in Dhaka. These qualifications keeps on changing and updating in almost every four years which, I think, encourage all teachers in this industry to stay compatible and remain professionally competent.

The grading system has been changed and the new 9-1 grades will be awarded to this May/June 2019 candidates. I know it will take time to understand this grading system for many of our local universities, though it's not an issue at all.

During the course of delivering these qualifications, I've faced many difficulties such as lack of practice materials for accounting, exam preparation mocks, etc. We only have past exam papers to practice for our students. The worst part is, we don't have any students or teachers text book for A level Accounting since it's introduction in 2016. But I'm happy to say that Pearson is launching the book next month worldwide (got this information from the subject advisor yesterday), which would surely give guidelines to students taking this qualification.

I'm requesting all the A level candidates, whose exam is on the 10th of June, to focus on the specification which will give you knowledge of all the topics that will be assessed in your examination. Moreover past years' exam papers would give you an idea on what type of questions you might expect in your examination.

One thing really scares me, when I was an O level candidate, there was almost nothing to kill or waste my time apart from outdoor games compared to smart phones, internet and social media for contemporary students. Students are so busy with these that they cannot explore their talent properly resulting in deteriorating grades for them. Instead of using it they are misusing the internet which I think is one of the main reasons for the fall in standard of students' quality. Students must learn to make a balance between their studies and virtual life. Hard work often exceeds talent which I have witnessed throughout my teaching career.

Our students are the most talented and they are competing with the rest of the world when appearing O and A level exams. Every year students from Bangladesh are achieving world highest marks in different subjects which give me immense pleasure and honour of being a teacher. Students, who are reading this, just do your classes carefully and practice throughout the whole year.

This will relieve pressure just before the exam and will surely boost your confidence. Whatever you do, follow the specification again and again as it will give you an overview of all the examinable topics.

Lastly, I would request all parents and even teachers not to only focus on grades rather it's important to identify and extract real talent from all students. We must teach our students to value their self esteem which might enable them to grow and develop properly. Who knows, there might be a Shakib Al Hassan in your classroom.
Good luck to all the May/June 2019candidates.

The writer is an O & A level Accounting Teacher, Edbase Dhaka

-Faisal Bin Maleque

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