Published:  01:00 AM, 09 June 2019

Birsa Munda

Birsa Munda

Birsa Munda was an Indian freedom fighter and a tribal leader who revolted against the British rule. He was a visionary who played a crucial role in liberation of his community, the tribal people, who were exposed to persistent dominance by the British exploitative policies and atrocities. His own experiences as a young boy, when he traveled from one place to another in search of work provided him with an understanding of different matters from which the community was suffering due to the British oppression. After realizing the fact that the British company arrived in India to torture the people and carry the wealth abroad, he started spreading awareness to expose the agenda of British and gathered his army of tribals. On June 9, 1900, he died at the age of 25 in Ranchi Jail where he was imprisoned.

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