Published:  12:00 AM, 10 June 2019

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Marketing Idea No. 298: The leadership bullshit

The biggest flaw about the importance of leadership in any organization argument is that, as incentive driven, ambitious, self centered human beings; why would any of us let go of our chance of being the center of attention, follow someone else as leader and in the way subtly accept that our leader is somehow superior than us? Wouldn't that be counter to our own self interest?

As human being one of our core survival instincts is to look for the best possible solution for us. But something that is even more core to our soul than our need to shine is our desire to find something or someone to believe in. We simply cannot endure long periods of doubt or emptiness that comes from a lack of something to believe in.

We are not built for it. That's why when a larger-than-life figure comes and dangles something in front of us to believe in - a religion, quick rich scheme, battle cry, organizational vision - we leap from the water for this bait and hang on to it for dear life.

That's why we look at leaders like messiahs who will guide us to Promised Land. That's the core need that cult leaders, politicians, CEOs and charlatans exploit for their own cause, either to swindle money, or to lead hundreds of people to commit mass suicide or to sell a war on terror to hide the need to hunt for fossil fuel or mesmerize a group of Stanford graduates through a commencement speech to find their passion by dropping out of college if necessary. (excerpt)

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