Published:  01:00 AM, 10 June 2019

Reconnect with old friends

Reconnect with old friends

Paul Hudson

Life wouldn't be nearly as interesting, exciting or emotional without friends along for the ride. Friends are there to teach us about how other people work - they are our window to the world outside ourselves and our family life.

Friends serve a very important role in our development as individuals. They also function as a support team when life gets a bit overwhelming - which, at one point or another, it always does. As we grow older, we create new friendships and allow older ones to die out.

1. At the very least, you'll experience a hint of nostalgia - everybody loves nostalgia. Meeting up with old friends brings an air of youth along with it. It brings memories rushing to the forefront of our minds, allowing us to bask in the warmth.

Nostalgia is a beautiful feeling. It reminds us of the way things once were, the happiness that we experienced growing up, and all the wonder. If you have no other reason to contact any of your old friends, then do it for the sake of the smile it'll bring to your face.

2. It's fascinating to see how our roads diverge over time, taking those that were once close to us to opposite sides of the world. Each of us writes his or her own story and although many stories have similar beginnings, the middle and the end will differ greatly. As humans, we often only rely on our own perspectives, paying attention to the way our own stories play out.

Reconnecting with past friends will allow you to see the world in a new light. It will show you how funny and weird life can really be. You were a part of their lives at one point and they a part of yours. Maybe you influenced each other more than you know.

4. It may convince you that you knew how to find real friends better when you were younger than you do now. Friends, generally speaking, aren't easy to make - especially when you get older. The older we get, the more independent we become. Frankly, the older we get, the less we need friends. Or, rather, the less we believe that we need friends.

As adults, most of the people in our lives are mere acquaintances. However, we don't always recognize them as such. We sometimes get lost in the illusion that the acquaintances in our lives are actual friends.

6. It's not unthinkable that you may reconnect and continue the friendship.

7. Friends are a fundamental part of our lives - there should be a reason for either letting them go or keeping them around.

We shouldn't simply leave things to chance and allow them to either dwindle or carry on simply because. But that's what often happens. Friendship breakups don't have the pizazz that relationship breakups do; they usually fade away as if they were never there to begin with.

This says nothing more about us other than the fact that we are egocentric and lazy creatures. You could have made an effort to stay friends, but you didn't.That's not a very good reason not to keep a good person in your life. Good people are hard to come by.

The writer is a freelancer

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