Published:  12:28 AM, 11 June 2019

Development of self-confidence

Self-confidence is always a vital aspect in the lives of human beings. Without self-confidence we might not be able to move out in any phase of our lives. This is applicable all around the globe. When human creations take place after certain growth phase in life we are badly in need to achieve self-confidence within us so that our rest of the lives are carried upon amidst the spirit of confidence and determination.

Modern era is the age of confidence and zeal, whatever unwarranted situations occur within us we must face it boldly and courageously then only we are able to attain confidence upon us. Contrarily it is also the role of all parents and other senior members of the family to motivate and encourage our children and other younger members of the family so that all can be achieve success comfortably in life.

For the kind perusal of many of my online readers of both India and Bangladesh let me state what actually the term, 'Self Confidence' is referred to us. Thus, the said term is such that which indicates imparting of positive frame of mind as well as determination in lives to stand up vibrantly in our life. That is why in a modern joint family conglomeration it is the humble responsibility to observe sincerely the development of younger generations thus constantly keeps on encouraging them for their betterment in life.

Apart from parents cum other senior members of the family it is the role of practicing counseling psychologists who play pivotal roles by encouraging the modern and mentally disturbed sections of Indian societies. The objective behind them is nothing but to upgrade those people from a state of utter boredom to a state of total rejuvenation. This is applicable to both modern Indian and Bangladeshi citizens. As I write this piece from Indian city of Kolkata for a most popular English daily of Dhaka, Bangladesh so it is ethical on my part to concentrate upon both India and Bangladesh.

Mental strain and stress is also noticeable all over the globe but the pattern of the above stated phases in human lives projects something different in both India and Bangladesh. It is known to all of us that India and Bangladesh politically might be separate nation with partial geographical bifurcation but in all other social and cultural aspects everything remains identical till date to the core of our heart. Thus in the subsequent paragraph it is my humble task to analyze or probe deeply about how to develop confidence among the citizens of both India and Bangladesh in today's life in the coming days.

Ways to develop confidence among the citizens of both India and Bangladesh?

It is already known to us that India and Bangladesh apart from political aspect are purely identical in other aspects like social, cultural and geographical aspects. As the development spree is galloping all around the globe the same has been deeply impacted upon India and Bangladesh. Pity part noticeable from the above stated nations are that as the literacy and mental grooming have not reached to the desired state hence we notice with utter grim and dismay that confidence is also lacking in the above stated nations.

However, counseling psychologists' always play vital roles to upgrade mentally distressed persons to new heights so that confidence is reposed upon us. Despite the efforts of the practicing counseling psychologists' we feel our task is also to upgrade the pace of literacy growth, mental uplift and financial strength then only we expect development of confidence upon on a macro scale. However some of the common ways and means to development self-confidence are stated as follow:

*    We must always think positive about self.

* We must aim to be honest in life then only we may gain self confidence in life. l Our entire dress code should be brewing with confidence along with proper dress code.

* We must always follow the positives of talented persons of different academic and professional disciplines in India, Bangladesh and other parts of the globe. This way we attain self confidence in life.

*   For any kind of job human beings must aim for near to perfection the self-confidence may be easily attained. l We should always happy about self whatever we have achieved in life.

* We must be involved with work till the last breath in life:

As the social and political set up in South Asian continent is always complex so it is high time for all of us to be involved with work in order to evade mental agony and depression in life. In the corporate life of South Asia there is a standard age of retirement as well as that of in academics. But there are some persons who have the temptation and ability to involve into any kind of work. Say, for example, retired corporate personnel are always involved into different kinds of marketing consultancy work where some become deeply involved into writing.

Same way retired journalists and professors are deeply involved into writing till the last breath. This way human being if desires so can easily generate self-confidence upon self. This should be the life philosophy among us. Otherwise our life will be in utter doldrums which should be totally avoidable. Rather we should always smile in order to nurture the modern generations.

The writer is a freelance contributor
based in Kolkata

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