Published:  01:03 AM, 11 June 2019

Alexander Bain

Alexander Bain

Alexander Bain was a prominent philosopher and logician who excelled in the fields of psychology, linguistics, logic and moral philosophy. Many of his outstanding literary contributions like "The Senses and the Intellect", "Mental and Moral Science", "Education as a Science" and "The Emotions and the Will" brought him huge critical acclaim. He was the recipient of prestigious awards like the Blue Ribbon and the Gray Mathematical Bursary. His books titled "The Senses and the Intellect" and "The Emotions and the Will" helped him to gain a position among independent thinkers. To raise the standard of teaching of English language, he published several textbooks like "Higher English Grammar", "An English Grammar", "A First English Grammar" and so on. Under the editorship of George Croom Robertson, he contributed a number of articles for "Mind", a philosophical journal. He was born on 11 June in 1818.

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