Published:  12:00 AM, 12 June 2019

Diner Sheshe(12.06.2019)

Diner Sheshe(12.06.2019)

 "I live in Shyamoli. I've lived here my whole life. This place houses the memories of both my struggles and my successes. Maybe the struggles of my past were just mundane everyday struggles of every city-boy. But for me, these struggles made me who I am today. My college was Notre Dame College in Motijheel.

So I had to take the route with arguably the worst traffic in Dhaka everyday. Twice! Coming back home from college during what was the busiest time of the day was a constant nightmare for me. There were days when I waited for 2 hours stuck in traffic. Then I gave up and walked for miles till I got home. That was not easy for me after attending classes all day. On some days I also attended coaching classes and I got back home at night on those days of the week.

There was also the pressure of academics and needless to say, those hardships affected my studies. There were times when I thought it was not possible for me anymore, that I might give up. All I wanted back then was to assure a place in BUET and I thought there was just no way I could do that. But I didn't give up. I gained confidence from my struggles, learned from my experiences and kept my chin up no matter what.

And now today I am doing my undergraduate in BUET. But my struggles are more complicated now. I have to become more responsible for my family's sake. And the academic pressure in BUET is also higher. So some days are still hard. But now I think of the times when I longed for what I have today, how those struggles were worthwhile. And that gives me the spirit to not give up today, to face my hardships with my chin up, no matter what."

Humans of BUET, Fb

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