Published:  12:00 AM, 13 June 2019

Diner Sheshe(13.06.2019)

Diner Sheshe(13.06.2019)

 "Before I came to BUET, I used to be this hyper-competitive kid always trying my best to succeed at things. But after coming here, I've realized that everyone is in the same race and I feel very mediocre. This made me struggle with reality a lot. So I needed my own coping mechanism.

And you may find this a little funny but my way of coping with reality is to act childish. Basically, you can always be happier if you just act dumb. If someone gets mad at me for something, they can't exactly blame me or hate me for it because they'll think, "Oh, he's just a child! How could he possibly be at fault?" I have always admired being childish and athletic in life. My favorite survival kit is thus undoubtedly hip hop - which is an excellent way of expressing myself.

Whenever I feel comfortable at any place, I start doing things like climbing trees when I am on a tour or doing these crazy moves even at a hangout! Hip hop, in my opinion, is an art that's similar to sculpting.

There are many great dancers around me and when I see the way they construct a selected piece, it reminds me of the perseverance and confidence needed when someone creates a sculpture. Each and every piece, the movements, the techniques need to be synchronized with the beat of the music. Matching the coordination with the tune and producing the final presentation - these are extremely tough.

When you are the audience, you see the final piece. And it's easy for you to judge or opine on the basis of what you saw. But nobody gets to see the effort that went behind building up to that performance, the precise timing that was targeted, and the dedication and moments spent in order to make it happen.

What the outside world does not see is the passion that we feel towards these arts that drive us to leave a lot of things behind. This is why I love hip hop and I dance at every occasion in BUET whenever I get the opportunity. This is my way of being passionate about something even though the reality is so meaningless. This is my way of holding on."

Humans of BUET, Fb

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