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Development of legal processes in India and Bangladesh

Development of legal processes in India and Bangladesh

Legal processes in any modern democracy occupy a vital area which hold aloft the social and cultural  milieus of those particular nations. In the countries under European and American continents we find government as well as those of democratic nations does not aim to compromise with legal issues which the citizens welcome the actions of those governments  cordially and heartily. 

However, when we look up or evince the issues of South Asian countries then pall of gloom an despondency cast upon it. As I am writing this piece from the Indian city of Kolkata I feel it is pertinent on my part to concentrate on two closer and friendly Saarc nations India and Bangladesh. Politically both nations might be bifurcated into two parts but from other aspects everything remains identical. So for the above stated issues we have to adhere strictly to legal processes in both nations.

As both India and Bangladesh were once upon a time under British dominions so despite ups and downs legal processes in both nations remain deeply coherent in order to streamline the social, cultural and political systems of both nations. In Bangladesh legal processes at the present juncture have brought about severe question mark but as I hail from India it is my humble task to touch deeply upon India. It is mainly due to lackadaisical legal processes  we find that there many types of social crimes and parasites creeping up all around India which in the ultimate run up to the game retards our growth processes.

So for the benefit of many of my revered online readers in both India and Bangladesh let me state what actually the term, Legal Processes is referred to in the mind of common citizens of both India and Bangladesh. Thus the said term is referred to as formal notice, or writ by a court which has the power to inherit personal jurisdiction over a particular person or property. Hence in the subsequent paragraphs it is my humble task to deal deeply about the development of legal processes in both India and Bangladesh.

Development of legal processes in India and Bangladesh

Despite political bifurcation we cannot deny India and Bangladesh are identical on other aspects like social, cultural and geographical aspects. In the same manner we may connive that legal processes do have identical approaches in terms of the above issue. Law in such a proposition in both nations in which citizens have to strictly adhere to the basic tenets of law and other social issues. It is in corporate, cultural, social and business circles we find that legal processes occupy a vital part to steer us to a path of transparency and ethics which we have to maintain till the last breath in life.

Even if political personalities or any fil actor goes beyond certain social and legal norms then that particular person is easily convicted and thus receiving  opprobrium from the public and also from the respective government.

The recent event or fate of a reputed Bangladesh actor getting involved in a political campaigning with an actor of the Indian state of West Bengal speaks broadly about belligerent attitude of the said actor and the way the Indian authorities was forced to declare the said person away the Indian film world as well as from Bangladesh one.

This is why there is no trace of doubt about the ethical aspect of any fields of activities whether be in India or Bangladesh. It is like filmy  personalities person in other fields should also strictly adhere to legal  processes in life so as to lead an exquisitely safe and sound life.

Advantages of development of legal processes in both India and Bangladesh:

There are various advantages being associated in regard to development of legal processes in both India and Bangladesh of which some of the common ones are stated as follow:

*    Development of legal processed is helpful in the case of uplift of social and cultural as well as corporate surroundings of India and Bangladesh.

*   Legal processes motivate the citizens of both India and Bangladesh to lead life in both transparent and ethical manners.

*    Corporate milieus of both India and Bangladesh should strictly adhere to all possible legal processes.

*   Cultural and creative personalities should not ignore anything in this regard.

Whatever the sequence might be all branches of law should be absolutely uniform in this regard. In the Indian state of West Bengal as well as in some other states of the country we find that richer classes are the maximum beneficiaries of law whereas middle, lower middle and poorer classes are always badly victimized as per basic tenets of law is concerned. Especially as per the verdicts of municipal law is concerned lower middle and poorer cum deprived sections are the  worst victim as they do not get proper judgment from the government of India in this regard.

As I am not a Bangladesh citizen hence not commenting anything about her. Very recently just prior to 17th Lok Sabha election we find that Lok Pal has been created under the stewardship of the government of India with retired judge of The Supreme Court of India Mr Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghosh at the helm of affairs to probe into various anomalies which badly victimize the lower middle, poor cum downtrodden sections of Indian populace.

Thus it is sincerely believed by all rational and analytical minded citizens of India that there should be proper development of legal processes in India and  also to some extent in Bangladesh but I repeat once again that Bangladesh is improving in legal processes but I am still keeping mum about that country.

The writer is a freelance contributor based in Kolkata

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