Published:  12:59 AM, 14 June 2019

Youths can start own dairy business

Youths can start own dairy business

Faisal Bin Maleque

Dairy farm is a good source of income and career option for the educated young. Many educated people are now interested in this business. You have to deal with the challenges of learning to oversee workers who feed, milk, and tend to the animals.

I never dreamt of becoming a teacher during my childhood. Actually I didn't realize that teaching could be a profession. It was when I met one of my favourite teachers and she was so happy to know that I'm in the same profession. She inspired me with only a simple and satisfactory smile.

I was born and brought up in Dhaka and I really enjoyed to spent time in my village during my vacations. I used to love animals especially cows when I was a kid, whom I still do. One day, I got the opportunity to buy a piece of land in my village Singair, Manikgonj.

I immediately asked one of my friends and elder brother, Al Farooque Ahmed, to join me to buy the land and he agreed. We had nothing to do with the land. We approached two of my colleagues and friends, Shabbir Hasan Khan and Fahim Uddin Chowdhury, that we want to start an agro farm. Both of them were on board after a few discussions.

It was named Farmside Agro Ltd with a vision to serve people with good quality milk and meat. All four of us were amateurs in this sector but were willing to contribute in different ways. We started with only five cows and today we have almost 100 cows and calves in our farm in less than 2 years time. We built a bio gas plant which can provide stoves to almost 40 families.

This initiative really benefited all the families living close to the farm. We acquired and leased land to cultivate grass for the livestock. People living nearby the farm appreciates this venture which, I think , is giving hope to others to invest there. Moreover, the village has changed since we started Farmside Agro. I can see a glimpse of development from both public and private sector.

We four started the project only to satisfy our family needs but now we are running it commercially. Many people come to cities for their living but we did the opposite. I sometimes get confused on whether I should call myself a teacher or a farmer. But trust me, I'm proud to say that I'm a farmer, it gives utmost pleasure when I see those cows, grass and trees grow everyday. I don't know how others feel but nature gives me sanity and a peaceful mind. I really want my child to play with trees, flowers, ponds and animals which would surely help him to value the nature. 

For the very first time, we will be selling some bulls in this upcoming Eid al-Adha.We mostly raise the cattle by free ranching which gives them absolute comfort in our farm. Hopefully we'll be expanding the farm soon.

Those who are willing to start cattle farming can come to our farm to gain ideas. We always welcome and encourage young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to think out of the box and take this type of initiative. This will surely contribute to reduce the unemployment rate of our country and these young entrepreneurs may generate new ideas and develop the sector.

I would request our government to carefully monitor this sector of cattle farming which may give handsome return to our economy. If there is enough support from public sector I am positively confident that Bangladesh will be able to export both milk and meat abroad which will contribute towards our current account balance.

Farmside Agro is committed to serve best quality products to its customers. We raise our cattle organically which is our USP. This wouldn't have been possible without the support and blessings of my mother and my wife. My mother is always there for all four of us. Now we are planning to expand the farm so that we can make capacity of 50 more cows.

This was only the success story of our journey but there are so many things which came as obstacles. I'll try to share those bitter experiences some other day.You all are invited to visit our farm and experience the nature over there.

The writer is an educationist

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