Published:  01:08 AM, 29 June 2019

Technological intervention to make Real Estate programes easier

Technological intervention to make Real Estate programes easier

Mark Nosworthy

These days, you can get almost anything from or through the internet: jobs, apparel, mobile devices, pets, personal services, motor vehicles, heavy equipment and even listed online real estate properties. As technologies are becoming smarter, a massive change in every industry is evident. But what about the real estate sector in Bangladesh? Are we getting enough benefits of the technology in this sector?

In 2015, Bproperty was launched in Bangladesh with a view to give consumers the advice and expertise as well as the market transparency they require in order to make the right decision when it comes to engage with the real estate industry.As the use of technology is increasing in Bangladesh, we believe that it can also pave a path of easy solution in the real estate industry.

In Bangladesh, especially in the capital city, many people rent their houses to tenants. Now how can they find their expected tenants or the later find their landlords? Tenants have to go from one to another house in search of their desired residences and landlords also have to wait for a long time.

We disrupt these traditional processes in emerging markets by introducing solutions that make property searching faster, easier and simpler. Our competitive advantage comes from the tremendous value we add to the business that work with our portal and the significant ease we provide to end users.

Reconfiguring the stress of these days' busy urban people, the use of technology has become very helpful in real estate sector as it allows people to view properties from the comfort of their own home and select their expected one.The service can be provided to both buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords allowing transactions to be done efficiently as well as securely, by offering all parties access to independent advice on properties, legal issues and routes to financing your home. Landlords just need to enlist their properties to the website.

We want to ensure Bangladeshi consumers get the trusted service they require when dealing with any property transaction.The online based real estate solution gives consumers the advice and expertise as well as the market transparency they require in order to make the right decision when it comes to engaging with the real estate industry. Ensuring that this service is accessed by all, giving consumers the confidence within the industry, is very important to the growth and development of the industry and the country's economy as a whole.

These days when you are interested in a property, you don't need to book a viewing in order to get a feeling for the house, the size and the condition of it. 360 degree virtual tour helps you be connected with your desired property from anywhere at any time.

A tons of queries arise whenever you want to buy or rent an apartment. To quench the thirst, you would have spent days on it. Users can now see everything from the purchase history and ratings to criminal activity in the area, enabling them to make much better purchasing decisions.The online service is free and they get paid on success of action, having the property sold or rented.

The use of technology in the real estate sector has also drawn attention of the government of Bangladesh and the civil society. The land ministry has recently introduced online system to provide identifying document of any place, within just 5 minutes in a bid to make land-related services easily available to citizens.

The life of busy people will be more comfortable and enjoyable if they get a one-stop solution of the real estateactivities.Our aim is to offer superior service to both tenants and landlords. Our belief is providing a full service real estate marketplace. The trust will grow when the real estate activities through technology will be a better alternative than going from one to another house in search of the desired residences.

Technology is already transforming the real estate sector in the neighboring countries of Bangladesh. For example, or are providing a complete experience of conveniently using technology to buy, sell or rent properties in India.

Lamudi is Pakistan's best real estate property portal, which is effectively working in 33 countries across the world.Though Bangladesh hasn't evolved that much but the initiatives are clearly visible. There are only a few real estate companies who can fulfil all the needs of the customers in Bangladesh, but the country needs more 360-degree property solution provider company.

From letters to email, horse carts to automated electric cars, smart house, smart cities and so many transformations we've seen over the years. People must be proactive to help transforming real estate sector including others. This requires global cooperation and a shared view of how technology is reshaping economic, social, cultural and individual lives as well.We cannot predict the future. But we can create it. I believe that the market will grow significantly in the coming years andthe life of busy people will be more comfortable and enjoyable.

The writer is a CEO of bproperty

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