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Fashion mistakes you should never commit

Fashion mistakes you should never commit

Angela Goh

Of course, one cannot be perfect every day of their lives and being lazy when it comes to fashion shouldn't be a drama. But on the other hand, these 15 mistakes should definitely be avoided at all costs!

Think you've got fashion figured out? Well, depending on how eye-catching and head-turning you want yourself to look, there might very well be no right or wrong answer to how you style yourself.

That said, for the everyday woman, there are just some fashion rules that you should really be following without question, and some mistakes you should never get caught doing. From pulling on those opaque flesh-coloured stockings to wearing black, black, and only black, we've come up with a long list of fashion no-nos you really ought to take into account before you step out your front door every morning.

Head up to the tips to acquaint yourself with them, and then figure out which ones you're guilty of committing! Time to make a change.

Putting on heels… without knowing how to walk in them:

There is nothing worse for your feet and ankles than wearing heels that give you trouble. If you can't walk in them, you are going to have a hard time. Some advice? Practice at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Imagine following an invisible line drawn on the ground as you pace around in them. Do not go straight for extremely high heels; start with lower block heels, which are much more comfortable.

Shoes that are too big for you. They will cause significant rubbing on your feet and might even give you blisters. You can stuff the end with cotton, or include in-soles. This way, you don't have to feel like you're always fighting with your shoes while walking!

Abusing prints

Wearing prints - be they stripes, florals, geometric, or otherwise - can grant you an original appearance to your taste. But to don yourself with too many prints? This might induce headaches in the people who look at you. Avoid wearing horizontal stripes on top and vertical stripes on the bottom, and definitely avoid combining circles with squares. Some prints work well together, but make sure they are subtle combinations. When in doubt, only wear one pattern at a time.

Sandals that are too small: Sandals that are too small for your feet will cause your toes to very unattractively protrude far from the edge of your footwear. In addition to looking inelegant, it will also cause discomfort, so why hurt yourself?

Open footwear without having a pedicure done

If the urge to put on open-toe shoes is strong, check the condition on your feet first! It is essential to ensure your toenails aren't chipped or broken… or way too long! People look at feet, too!

Only wearing black: Though black is elegant, one should not swear by it. In addition to looking severe, black used in excess has the disadvantage of accentuating areas that are shadowed, such as dark circles and dark patches on your skin. To bring a little vibrancy to your look, bet on accessories that will bring touches of colour.

Mixing too much colour

A little colour = wide awake and cheerful. Too much colour = clown. The rule here is not to wear more than three colours at the same time, unless they are part of the same colour chart. Primary colours (red, yellow, blue) are strong colours, so avoid abusing them and tone them down with more neutral tints.

Too much transparency: A pretty transparent top can be very chic, but beware not to step from elegance and into vulgarity. There's a fine line! Be careful not to reveal too much!

The wrong size

It is tempting to wear oversized and baggy clothes to 'erase' your curves. Don't do it! Because of the optical illusion, this will only make you bigger by giving you the air of someone who doesn't take care of what they wear. Of course, you must also avoid wearing too-tight clothes as this will constrict your body and, of course, give you unwanted muffin tops and lumps. Pay close attention to your underwear - panties that are too tight under a skirt or dress can give a very unflattering effect.

Overdoing your accessories

 Be careful not to pile on too many things! Wear only one statement piece at a time and accompany it with basics. The risk in wanting to overload on your chunky rings and your oversized glasses and your statement bracelets is that this will end up making you look like you're going to a costume party!

Wearing accessories that are the same colour as your outfit: The goal is not to turn into a chameleon. Accessories are there to bring a touch of individuality and contrast to your look. Not to blend into your ensemble and disappear from sight!

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