Published:  01:10 AM, 09 July 2019

Everyone should come up to resist culprits

Everyone should come up to resist culprits

Moral and social degradation destroys our human values. What do we humans do? There is a sense of conscience in animals that we do not have the same strength energy.

Some desperate people are killing another man, only two thousand taka are immersed in the greed of the people, the ruthless events that arise in the mind, the question arises that the man was even lower than the animals. Basically, the law of fast-paced crime is a reason for such cruel consequences. Although we do not try to develop as an ideal man!

We also shocked the incident of killing a young man named Rifat Sharif in front of Barguna Government College in front of his wife.On June 26, the High Court bench of the Justice FM Nazmul Ahsan and Justice KM QuamrulQuader gave an order to the local administrations regarding the evidence related to the incident, brought to the notice of the court after reports of various newspapers and social media reports published."It is very shocking that nobody came forward to protect Rifat when he was being attacked, although many people videoed the incident.

This is the picture of social degradation," said the court.The court came up with the observation while Supreme Court lawyer Barrister RuhulQuddusKazal placed some newspapers including The Daily Star carrying reports on the incident.

On 26th June, criminals attacked Rifat, 25, with sharp weapon in broad daylight in front of Barguna Government College while his wife was desperately trying to save him.The entire incident, which was captured possibly on a mobile phone, shows the attack on the youth in Barguna town in front of Barguna Government College around 10:30am on 26th June 2019, where Rifat went to drop-off his wife.Meanwhile, a case has been filed against Rifat Sharif, who was hacked openly in front of Barguna Government College.

Today, 12 people filed the case and Ripat Sharif's father Dulal Sharif filed the case. Police arrested a person named Chandan soon after the case. RifatSharif was hacked to death in front of Barguna Government College at around 10:30 am on Wednesday.

We want to arrest the defendants quickly and give them examples.Regarding the arrest of Rifat killers, the Honorable Prime Minister's instructions and the initiative of the concerned departments. We hope the criminals quickly catch up and the criminals are quick to ensure punishment.

Such incidents are seen; do not hesitate to pull the evil power for a little interest. We do not have time to think about this. Moral degradation and social degradation in our society is on the rise. We are becoming very self-centered for our own achievements? Everyone is busy with me. We know how we are staying in a bustle. As a nation, can we move a lot? It does not seem to be moving too much, we have some good achievements! They are also destroyed by moral and social degradation.

Because of this moral and social degradation, all our achievements are fading. We cannot retain our achievements. Political field is another surprise! The policy and the ideals are stuttering there repeatedly. Politics is being defeated by money. Now the politics has become money policy.

This is our new generation, especially young generation, do we think of them? They will take care of the future; they will have to be prepared in the same way. Does every parent keep track of their child? How do children think of how to build a child as a standard man?

We just run behind the money, ready to sacrifice self-esteem! But what are we doing as an ideal citizen of the state to build a beautiful society? It's time to think about that. Cannot differentiate between light and darkness. Today the issues of making human values are being neglected.

Everyone is humming to read the jobs that are ahead in the market. Now people do not study to be human. As a result, I have such excuses.At present, adulteration of food, medicine, education, politics, and so on. Corruption is in our ranks. To get rid of this adulteration and corruption, we need to work collectively and to make people feel cultured.

We must be mindful of practicing morality and practicing true culture. The number of talent and merit in our society is getting decreased day by day? And in all cases the lack of competition is being seen. For this we are lagging behind. We need to develop merit and develop new ideas and develop and expand it. We need the ideal and universal culture practice. Our responsibility to make new generations ideal and devoted.

Naturally the whole process of intellectual and mindfulness becomes unnecessary. Who wants to get rid of traditional formalities and find ways to get ridiculous? We do not disclose the need to get out of the situation because of what many people think, or what needs to be done, and the way our previous situation has come to pass. So the number of genuine talent is gradually decreasing in our society.

Efforts are being made to brighten the sun by earning more and more life and livelihood. The culture of this country does not attract them or their aim of leaving them and going abroad, in the hope of a better life. There is lack of talent in our culture and culture?

Despite all these reasons, our society is not less meritorious, but the number of ideal and honest and meritorious talented protesters is declining. The number of public-interest-oriented think-tank of exceptional trend is going down. Naturally, the number of cultural organizations, which can be identified as public interest, is of reduced quality or powerless.

The lack of such political power is also one of the reasons for this cultural vacuum. Due to lack of culture and politics. And this way we can show the path of our transformation to the real culture practices and cultural activities, which can lead the nation to a new era by removing our moral and social degradation.

'People are judicious people, when they are law and judiciary, they are the best creatures in the world, and when they lose law and justice, and they are the world's worst creatures. 'From the direction of moral and social degradation, our wall has fallen behind. Let us go back and forth again, study moral education and concentrate on practicing true culture.

By using our good scholars properly, by preventing moral and social degradation, we raise our values and move forward towards Bangladesh; for which three million martyrs have sacrificed, many mothers and sisters lost self-esteem.

We defeated the evil forces and built a beautiful Bangladesh. I am shaving with the parody of the Bhupan Hazarika, "People cannot get people to sympathize with their life, for the people.If the monsters do not feel shy you will not be able to."

Md. Atikur Rahman is a columnist.
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