Published:  01:09 AM, 11 July 2019

Abbas Sahhat

Abbas Sahhat

Abbas Sahhat was an Azerbaijani poet and dramatist.  At age 15 he started writing amateur poems. Beginning in 1892 he studied medicine in Mashhad and Tehran. After returning to Shamakhi around 1900 he abandoned his professional field, as Russian institutions did not recognize medical diplomas from Iran. Sahhat started teaching Azeri and literature first in primary schools and then in a Realschule. This period is considered the beginning of his career as a poet and playwright. In 1903 he began writing articles for the Azeri-language newspaper Sharg-i Rus, published in Tiflis. His articles mostly discussed topics in contemporary literature. Abbas Sahhat was in favour of liberal bourgeoisie and, due to his Iranian academic upbringing, disagreed with mass secularisationthat was taking place among Azeris beginning in the early 20th century. He died on 11 July 1918 in Ganja, Azerbaijan .

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