Published:  12:16 AM, 13 July 2019

People suffer for sorry state of road in Gazipur

People suffer for sorry state of road in Gazipur People suffer immensely due to miserable condition of Ijjatpur-Halukaid road. The snap was taken recently. -Mahbubul Alam

Only for two kilometers of worn-out road, 2 lakhs people of seven villages are suffering daily under Rajabari Union of Sreepur Upazila of Gazipur.

Over two lakh people of seven villages under Rajabari Union in Sreepur of Gazipur have been suffering for long due to dilapidated condition of a road measuring two kilometers.

From Ijjatpur market to Halukaid New Market under Rajabari Union, there are several schools, madrasas and business establishments. The school-goers and villagers have to endure immense sufferings and the condition is getting worse day by day.

During a visit to the road at Ijjotpur Market, it was found that there are potholes on the road. People were crossing the road over the potholes filled with dirty water. 

Ijjatpur High School is located at the beginning of the two-kilometer road. There are several schools and madrasas beside the road. People from seven villages under two unions use the road to commute to Sreepur. Because of this badly damaged road, people suffer painfully, locals said.

Hafiz Uddin, a resident of Ijjatpur village, said this road was built after the Liberation War. Many roads of Gazipur have been reconstructed but this road has been left without repair for many years.

If the road is re-constructed, people from Halukaid, Pabriarchala, Kurulpara, Doljur, Dholadia, Rajabari and several other villages can commute without sufferings. If authority constructs the road in a proper way, seven lakh people from Gazipur and Sreepur can use this road.

Kamal Hossain from the same area informed that this industrial area has been out of development for many years. They have to face problem to commute.

Abdul Mannan from Halukaid village said the road is getting riskier day by day for the students of the area. Rajabari Union Council Member Abdur Rashid said this matter has been informed to the local MP and he assured that the road will be reconstructed on a priortity basis. Hopefully, the work will start in next couple of months.

Rajabari Union Council Member Mizanur Rahman said people have to suffer for the miserable condition of the road. We want the reconstruction work will start soon. Sreepur Upazila Engineer Sharifuzzaman said that the government is working to develop infrastructures in the area. If local lawmaker takes measures and grants funds for the road, repairing work will start.

--Mahbubul Alam, Gazipur

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